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6th round MVP for the first time in KBL

"Lee Jung-hyun has been selected as the MVP of the sixth round following the fifth round," the KBL said in a press release on the 3rd. Lee Jung-hyun won 80 out of 80 valid votes in the sixth round MVP voting of the 2023-2024 Professional Basketball Association, becoming the first MVP of the unanimous round since the implementation of the round vote in the 2015-2016 season.

During the six rounds, Lee Jung-hyun played an average of 40 minutes and 17 seconds in eight games, scoring 30.8 points per game (No. 1 overall), 7.1 assists (No. 2 overall), and 3.0 steals (No. 1 overall).

Lee Jung-hyun won the assist award, the steel award, and the three-point shot award in the KBL Metrology Award, which was revived in 20 years based on his performance in the sixth round.

Lee Jung-hyun, who was selected as the sixth-round MVP, will be awarded a trophy to commemorate the round MVP and a prize of 2 million won.
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Wednesday, April 3, 2024
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