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Manchester United winger who only cares about hair style

Marcus Rashford of the English Premier League stood out as the ace of his team last season. He filled Cristiano Ronaldo's vacancy perfectly. He scored 30 goals in every game. When he achieved the highest performance in his career, Paris Saint-Germain and others rushed to recruit him. Of course, he offered a huge salary...

However, Rashford renewed his contract with Manchester United, shouting for reconstruction of his family name. During the pre-season, he moved to the U.S. and focused on physical training. Of course, he had fun with women in Florida and LA, but he fully prepared for Manchester United's victory this season.

But soccer is not something you can do with your own hands. Rashford is completely ruined. About half of this season has passed and only two goals have been scored in the Premier League. One goal was a penalty kick. In other words, there is only one field goal.

Ahead of Christmas, Manchester United knelt down 0-2 in the 18th round of the 2023-24 EPL against West Ham United at the London Stadium on the 23rd. Media pointed out that Manchester United had 13 losses, the most losses since the 1930 season and before Christmas. Fans are even worried about relegation.

In the match, Rashford failed to start and replaced Huairun at around 10 minutes into the second half. Of course, there was no goal. Manchester United fans found the target to vent their frustration. It was Rashford.

The Daily Star pointed out on the 24th that there were more hair changes than Rashford scored this season.

Rashford bleached his black hair and dyed his hair a bit pale orange. Of course, Rashford failed to score a goal, so he tried to regain his mind by changing his hairstyle and went on to hunt for a goal, but to no avail.

Manchester United fans are angry about Marcus Rashford's "more hairstyle than goals."

Rashford recently cut his hair short and put it on salt to escape from his slump. He had black hair for the England national team. Rashford looked cheerful as he showed off his dyed hair. He changed his hairstyle for a change, and he felt good before the match as if he could score a goal. The result was scoreless and a complete defeat.

Fans wrote on social media, "Rashford has changed his hairstyle more than his goals this season." "The meme about Rashford doing more hairstyles than his goals is true." "How many times are you going to dye your hair before Rashford scores a goal?" "Why did Rashford do that? The only spark he brings is his hair." "There are more hairstyles changes than goals. Rashford feels ashamed and needs to do something."
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Saturday, March 30, 2024
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