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Tottenham beat Brighton for 4 consecutive wins

Is this the Jim Ratcliffe effect.

It has been officially announced that Ratcliffe, the richest man in England, will take over a 25 percent stake in Manchester United in the English Premier League (EPL). The Glazer family, which lost the trust of Manchester United fans, will fall back, and Ratcliffe will come to the front of Manchester United. Manchester United fans' expectations are exploding.

Analysts say that the Ratcliffe effect will also affect Manchester United's performance. In a match against West Ham in the 18th round of the EPL, Manchester United lost 0-2 after a lackluster performance. Manchester United fell to eighth place in the league. However, analysts say that the Ratcliffe effect will bring about a reversal.

Britain's Daily Mail announced the results of the 19th round of the EPL, which was predicted by the supercomputer of statistics company Opta. The most surprising prediction is Manchester United. It is predicted that Manchester United, ranked eighth in the league, will beat Aston Villa, ranked third in the league. Manchester United had a 44.1 percent chance of winning, overwhelming Aston Villa's 27.5 percent chance of winning. This phenomenon cannot be explained only by the Ratcliffe effect.

The media reported, "The supercomputer predicted the surprising outcome of Manchester United's victory over Aston Villa. This is surprising news for Manchester United fans. The news of the Ratcliffe acquisition cheered Manchester United up."

Looking at other matches, Tottenham Hotspur beat Brighton and Hove Albion to continue their four-game winning streak. Tottenham had a 36.3 percent chance of winning, edging ahead of Brighton's 35.6 percent. Tottenham was predicted to continue its four-game winning streak in the league, following a 4-1 victory over Newcastle in round 16, a 2-0 victory at Nottingham Forest in round 17, and a 2-1 victory at Everton in round 18.

Arsenal, which is running atop in the league, had a 57.1 percent chance of winning the match against West Ham, while Liverpool (59.0 percent, Burnley), Manchester City (62.1 percent, Everton), Newcastle (55.7 percent, Nottingham Forest). Supercomputer predicted that Chelsea (49.7 percent, Crystal Palace) would win the match without difficulties.
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Saturday, March 30, 2024
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