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【【【【 "Isn't it enough for two to break?" The Spanish soccer association is preparing to replace another player 】】】】

"Is it not enough for two to break?" The Spanish Football Association is preparing to replace another player

Barcelona had no choice but to disapprove of the Spanish Football Association's plans.

Spain's Le LeLevo said on the 29th (Korea Standard Time), "The Spanish Football Association's idea has raised alarm bells in Barcelona," adding, "We want to take Ramin Yamal to the Euros and Olympics."

Striker Yamal, born in 2007, is considered Barcelona's new hope. Yamal has swept various records as the youngest player to do so, and despite his young age, he has performed tremendously for Barcelona's first team. Coach Xavi Hernandez also uses Yamal for his young age on important stages.

Yamal's outstanding dribbling ability, speed and sensible finish are already much loved by Spain's national team. Yamal first joined Spain's senior team in September 2023, and has since been called up consistently, appearing in both A-matches since March.

However, because he is still young, there are many concerns that he will overload his playing time. He has already played 39 games for Barcelona this season.

But Spain's football association is upsetting Barcelona fans as it is said it plans to select Yamal for both Euro 2024 and the 2024 Paris Olympics this summer, regardless of such concerns.

"No one can ignore his performance. The fact that he received a standing ovation at the Santiago Bernabeu during the last match against Brazil proves this. At the beginning of the season, my goal was to play with the first team a little bit, but now that he has grown fast and has grown so rapidly, there are discussions about participating in the Euro and Olympics."

He said, 'Maybe the U-21 (under 21) team will also have complete freedom to select players. Five players already competed in the Euros and Olympics in 2021, and this could happen again this year. This has warned Barcelona, who fear that Yamal's excessive playing time could affect his progress.'

Barcelona is especially worried about Yamal's growth because of the Spanish team's two injuries that have already caused the team's top prospects to collapse. In 2021, Pedri went through 73 matches, including the Euros and Olympics, in addition to his team's matches. Pedri, who was overloaded at the time, has suffered as many as nine muscle injuries in the past three years and has never had a normal season.

Also, in November 2023, Pablo Garvey was out for the season after suffering a cruciate ligament injury due to his excessive participation in the Spanish national team. Barcelona has lost two key resources due to the Spanish national team's unreasonable selection and appointment, so it is inevitable that Yamal will be more sensitive to joining the national team this summer.

LeLevo also said, 'As players continue to grow, these problems can lead to injuries. He has already played a total of 2478 minutes. That is a scary number for a 16-year-old boy. If he plays in all the competitions, he can play in almost 70 games. "Barcelona is worried about these cases and doesn't want the same thing as Pedri to happen again," he said.
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Friday, March 29, 2024
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