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Fitting Golf Instructor - USGTF Excellent Instructor Lee Yeon-py

A good lesson means creating a swing that allows you to record good scores for a long time without injury. For a good lesson, it is important to choose a good club that suits your body, not just teach you the swing that suits your body shape.

Lee Yeon-pyo, 48, who was selected as an excellent instructor by the U.S. Golf Instructor Federation (USGTF)-KOREA late last year, is a golf instructor who received fitting certification. He received Level 1 certification from the Korea Golf Fitting Association due to his personality of wanting to jump into something.

Believing an understanding of the club is essential for good classes, this expert has acquired expertise in fitting. Not only does it provide good classes for members, but it also provides proper club fitting, which is very satisfying. The expert said, "I don't do fitting to make money. To help our members improve their golf skills, we only pay for it and provide club fitting."

The professional, who currently runs a golf zone park Danyang branch in Danyang, Chungcheongbuk-do, is a talented person who hit a hit a year after starting golf. The professional, who was born in Jecheon, Chungcheongbuk-do, spent 10 years in a rental car business after being discharged from the military, and started playing golf at the recommendation of a friend in June 2012. In the first year of his life, he taught himself golf and could not escape the level of Baekdol.

Though bowling started as a hobby and advanced to the level of a professional golfer, there were limitations to golf without proper training sessions. Due to his temperament to "do it properly," he visited pro bowler Park Won-yoon, who was a member of the KPGA, and took intensive lessons for a year. He started from the basics such as grip and address.

Back then, a professional golfer would play 1,000-1,200 practice balls a day. He practiced for an hour and a half from 6 a.m. every day and then went to work. Then, he hit practice balls for an hour at lunch and for two hours after work. As a result, he became a handicapper in a year, and nowadays, he is recording an average of even par and one to two over par in field golf. The professional, who is 176 centimeters tall and weighs 82 kilograms, recorded three hole-in-ones by receiving seven eagles.

The program also reflects the process of becoming a single golfer in its lessons. There is a premise. Members can become a single handicapper in a short period of time through Spartan training if they want. A female member in her 50s visited here and there after taking lessons for three years. She took lessons for three months and played singles. The program taught her from scratch based on her own experience. She created grips, address takebacks, and swing rhythms. We took sweatshirts lessons for four hours a day and shared them for two hours in the short game room at night.

The professional is also a tournament team leader at USGTF-KOREA. After obtaining a membership certificate in 2018, he began working as a tournament member, and has been a tournament team leader since 2022. This is also a result of the temperament to want to do something perfectly when you start something. The professional also holds several certificates in addition to golf, including a painting certificate and an excavator certificate.
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Friday, March 29, 2024
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