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KLPGA "Long-cherished resolution"

KLPGA announced on the 29th that it held the opening ceremony of its headquarters at KLPGA Building in Gil-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul.

KLPGA Chairman Kim Jung-tae, advisor Kim Sung-hee, advisor Kang Chun-ja, senior vice chairman Kim Soon-mi, CEO of the Korea Women's Professional Golf Tour Lee Young-mi, and chairman of the Golf Training Center Association Yoon Hong-beom attended the opening ceremony.

Founded in 1978, KLPGA will make its first home in 46 years on the day. The KLPGA building has 508 pyeong of land area, 253 pyeong of construction area, and 1,300 pyeong of floor space, and consists of two basement floors and four ground floors.

The KLPGA will use the third and fourth floors. On the third floor is the Members' Lounge, a convenient space for KLPGA members. Members' Lounge is open to all KLPGA members. The lounge will be used as a resting place and a venue for networking.

It also has a history wall where you can look at the development history of KLPGA at a glance.

Chairman Kim Jung-tae said, "Thanks to the dedication and hard work of many people, we were able to build the KLPGA building, which has been a great long-cherished dream. I would like to thank everyone who worked hard for the development of the KLPGA," and added, "I hope that the KLPGA building will be used as a big growth engine to write the history of Korean women's golf here."
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Friday, March 29, 2024
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