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Oval interior space will reopen to guests

Visitors will be able to step inside the facility for the first time since the unprecedented situation began.

The virus has most definitely damaged the live harness race and the entire state. Live races in the state have been suspended for months since the start of the unprecedented 2020 outbreak. Despite the resumption of racing in late 2020, indoor facilities on the New York track remain closed for visitors.

The horse racing facility officially welcomed fans in the indoor space on Thursday, July 15, and customers were able to enjoy the race on the fourth floor with a stunning view of the seats and half-mile tracks. It now starts at noon from Wednesday to Sunday, and simulcast is available on Mondays and Tuesdays at 6 p.m. Guests can bet on up to 24 tracks a day.

Racing Director Alex Dadoyan said the property endured tough spells as it spent 15 months without racing fans and raced live all year without spectators. He explained that it was too good news to welcome those who returned to the race last month, but fans mainly inquired about the fourth floor gaming floor and reopening.

Live audiences were finally able to return to the apron of this summer's track on June 9. And over the past few weeks, they've been able to enjoy the most exciting live horse stakes in the state. These include the MGM Grand Messenger Face and MGM Yonkers Trot, the kick-off sections of the $500,000 Triple Crown event.

The live racing season will continue throughout the summer season. This is because the track will host five more sections of the New York Sheer Stakes. This includes the $1.8 million "Champion's Night" to be held on Friday, September 10. The top-ranked player in each of the five categories, ages 2 and 3, can participate in the $225,000 final eight times.

Modifying the Plan
In late June, the company owner of Yonkers Raceway – MGM Resorts announced a new plan to revitalize the iconic 122-year-old harness track. The company will invest $500 million in the property. The most recent addition to the track was 8,000 tonnes of new surface, which included 6,000 tonnes of recycled track material and 64 tonnes of line and other surface material to make the track much more robust.

NYRA Betting Deal
In addition, BetMGM, a subsidiary of MGM Resorts, announced an agreement with NYRA Bet to increase horse betting services for many sports fans. The gaming company now offers customers a complete package of Surbred, Hanels and Quarter Horse, available on over 200 tracks worldwide. Through the official app, customers can bet on events such as the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, Belmont Stakes, and Breeders' Cup.
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Thursday, March 28, 2024
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