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Mr Crowe is a longtime opponent of the Entertainment Zone project and recently took the following action in the form of a petition. It will seek a binding referendum at the local level, asking people whether they want to build the area or not. Such referendums can be introduced in the form of easy-to-understand questions.

Sudbury is bracing for the construction of the Kingsway Entertainment District in the coming year if everything goes smoothly, but local opponents seem to have other plans for major projects. The recently launched petition seeks local residents' input on a potential referendum on the proposed CA $100 million stadium and event center. This question can be implemented in local election voting.

The latter is expected to take place in October 2022, giving locals plenty of time to vote when they ponder and act on the topic. The city council is required to introduce the referendum on the ballot. People who are interested in petitions can find petitions online and know better about alternative proposals. Make it clear to local taxpayers that instead of building large projects that cost CA$100 million, renovations can be made.

Located in the city centre, the existing Sudbury Community Arena can be improved and modernized to accommodate live events and entertainment in the near future. So far, more than 700 people have signed petitions in support of the latter's proposal for renovation of existing facilities. It's an expectation that it will revive the city center.

October 2022 referendum
It should be noted that public transportation is well developed and public spaces, restaurants, bars, schools, etc. are newly developed. In June, there was a positive update from Mayor Brian Beager. According to him, the council's decision to start business in the area remains in place and can now move forward, and if everything goes according to plan, the venue should be launched in 2024.

He made it clear that there should be no more problems with the event center. He explained that employees are working closely with partners in the Kingsway Entertainment District to ensure that's just that. According to the report, several major tasks must be reviewed and completed for construction to officially begin. These include determining the venue operator, obtaining a build RFP, building roads and intersections, and presenting design drawings.

Gateway Casino and Entertainment is the operator planning to establish a casino complex within the proposed entertainment area and is looking forward to receiving more information about the project. PricewaterhouseCoopers recently released a new report on the event center to determine which sites are better suited for the project. A final report says renovating the downtown stadium will cost $125.4 million to $128.6 million.
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Thursday, March 28, 2024
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