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Service quality in Macau’s casinos rising: index

Service quality in Macau’s gaming industry increased in the second quarter of this year, shows the latest edition of the Macau Gaming Service Index.

The index’s reading for the second quarter rose to 1.95 points from 1.83 points a year earlier on a scale where zero is considered the worst service and 3.5 the highest.

The index is compiled by the Macau Gaming Research Association and conducted by SGS Hong Kong Ltd. Undercover assessors rated staff in 11 casinos on their “smile”, “proactive attitude” and “patience”.

Comparing to the results of the initial round, the smiling index dropped, while the proactiveness and tolerance indices were higher than a year earlier, according to the report.

The index measuring different departments inside casinos showed mixed results. The index at table games in the second quarter went up to 1.85 points, up from 1.56 points , the report shows.

The report did not identified which casino operators had the best and worse scores, showing only that four of the six operators have improved from last year’s assessment.
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Tuesday, March 26, 2024
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