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'Lexus Masters'

Competition will be newly established on the Korea Professional Golfers (KPGA) Tour.

KPGA and Lexus Korea recently held a signing ceremony for the 2024 KPGA Tour Lexus Masters at the Lexus Exhibition Center in Gangnam, Seoul. Lexus Korea President Manabu Konyama (pictured right) and KPGA Chairman Kim Won-seop (left) attended the signing ceremony.

The event will be held for four days from August 29 to September 1, with the total prize money of 1 billion won (approx. The venue and the number of participants will be determined later, with the fourth round of 72-hole stroke play.

"I think Lexus, who pursues the spirit of craftsman, and KPGA Tour players, who constantly strive for golf, have a common desire to be the best in one field," Konyama said. "I hope it will be a foundation for the KPGA Tour players to show their skills to their fullest and for Lexus and KPGA to grow together."
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Sunday, March 24, 2024
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