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Which team will take the 71.9% chance?

KB Stars and Woori Bank will face off in the first round of the Woori Bank Woori WON 2023-2024 Women's Professional Basketball Championship Game at Cheongju Gymnasium on the 24th.

KB Stars, No. 1 in the regular league, beat Bucheon Hana One Q, and Woori Bank beat Yongin Samsung Life Insurance to advance to the championship game. They met in the championship game three times in history, and Woori Bank won the 2014-2015 season and 2017-2018 season. In the most recent 2021-2022 season, KB Stars won the championship and achieved V2.

The team that is ahead of others in objective performance is KB Stars, which ranks first in the regular season. It has led the team with four wins and two losses in six showdowns this season. At the center of the team was the absolute ace, Park Ji-soo. In the match against Woori Bank, Park showed remarkable performance with an average of 22.8 points, 18.8 rebounds, and 4.6 assists in five matches. If Park dominates the bottom of the net in the championship game, KB Stars can play more easily.

However, the Korean team should not rely solely on Park Ji-soo. Outside support is absolutely necessary. In the showdown with Woori Bank, KB Stars had an average of 5.2 three-point shots in six games and only posted a 19.6 percent success rate. The team has seen its performance drop significantly, compared with an average of 6.8 three-point shots and a 29.3 percent success rate in the regular league. As the team had a tough time playing a three-point game in the playoff against Hana One Q, players such as Kang Yi-seul and Heo Yee-eun should cheer up.

Against this backdrop, Woori is expected to make all-out efforts to defend Park Ji-soo. Woori's biggest strength is defense. Key players such as Kim Dan-bi, Park Hye-jin, Park Ji-hyun, and Choi E-Sam all have excellent defense capabilities, and they also have strengths in team defense such as rotation and cooperative defense. If you succeed in controlling Park Ji-soo to some extent, you have a long shot.

Three-point shooting is the key to an offense. It is because it is not easy to score points under the goal that Park holds out. In fact, Woori Bank solved the offense by shooting an outfielder based on spacing in the match against KB Stars. In the six regular league games, Woori averaged 32.8 three-point shots, and hit 9.7 points on target. The success rate of three-point shots is 29.4 percent. If an outfielder fires an outfielder in the championship game, Woori will likely not lose ground in the fight for firepower.

Meanwhile, the odds of winning the first round of the WKBL championship match are 71.9 percent (23/32). Both teams are likely to do their best in the first round. The first round of the championship match between KB Stars and Woori will be tipped off at 1:35 p.m. on Saturday.
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Sunday, March 24, 2024
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