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Salah-Rashford, one of them will cry on the 18th

Manchester United (Manchester United) and Liverpool, known as the greatest rivals in PL history, will clash in the FA Cup quarterfinals.

The so-called 'Northwest Derby' is a long-standing rivalry between two teams located in northwest England. Expectations are high as to what kind of performance the two teams, who have fought fiercely every time they meet, will show this time. It kicks off at 0:30 am on Monday the 18th.

Manchester United, who succeeded in turning the atmosphere around, will challenge Liverpool for the semifinals of the FA Cup.

With the news that Mount and Wan-Bissaka, who were absent due to injury, have returned to training, attention is focused on whether they will play in the upcoming match against Liverpool. In addition, with Rashford and Garnacho showing good performances on the flanks, expectations are high on whether Van Dijk will be able to break through Liverpool's defense. Will Manchester United, who succeeded in turning the situation around by winning the previous game, succeed in advancing to the semifinals of the FA Cup against Liverpool? Attention is being paid to whether Onana, who is putting up a good show every day, will calm Liverpool's firepower led by Salah.

Liverpool, who are traveling to Manchester United, are happy to see Salah's return.

Salah has recently scored 3 goals in 3 games against Manchester United and is on Manchester United's number one watch list. Salah, who recovered from injury and made his comeback in the previous game, failed to record any attacking points, but showed off his health with threatening movements. The performance of the 'new star' Bradley, who perfectly filled the void of 'iron wall' Van Dijk and Arnold, is also attracting attention, and will Liverpool, the 'championship candidate', be able to overcome the big mountain called Manchester United and win a ticket to the semifinals? The key is whether ‘leading men’ Salah and Nuñez can score.

Who will be the winner of the North West derby held in the FA Cup quarter-finals? The Manchester United vs. Liverpool match in the FA Cup quarterfinals at 0:30 am on Monday the 18th can be watched on TV channels SPOTV Prime and SPOTV NOW.

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Saturday, March 23, 2024
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