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The Seoul Derby will be held on April 17th

Seoul E-Land FC won a thrilling victory over Daejeon Korail after a penalty shootout in the second round of the 2024 Hana Bank Korea Cup held at the auxiliary stadium of Daejeon World Cup Stadium on the 23rd.

This marks the second "Seoul derby" in history. Seoul E-Land FC will invite FC Seoul home in the third round of the Korea Cup on the evening of April 17.

In the first Seoul derby held in the third round of the FA Cup in 2021, Seoul E-Land FC won 1-0 over FC Seoul.

Seoul E-Land FC tried to make changes by putting in a large number of players who did not play this season.

With Cha Seung-hyun, Shinsegae, Kim Min-kyu and Hwang Tae-hyun forming a four-back, Seo Jae-min, Park Chang-hwan and Lee Sang-min were placed in the midfield, while Cho Young-kwang, Kang Min-yeol and Byun Kyung-joon played as three-top. Lee Ki-hyun kept the goal.

In the first half, he rarely penetrated the opponent's defense and failed to score an effective shot.

In the second half, Seoul E-Land FC tried to change the atmosphere by excluding Shinsegae and Seo Jae-min, and adding Park Joon-young and Jang Seok-hoon.

In the 14th minute of the second half, Seoul E-Land FC, which overcame the opponent's free-kick attack crisis well, found a way out with Jang Seok-hoon and Byun Kyung-joon alternating threatening shots from the left and right sides.

However, in the 24th minute of the second half, Kim Byung-oh allowed a left-footed mid-range shot in front of the arc, giving up the first goal.

In the 36th minute, Seoul E-Land FC, which cleared the line, scored a valuable equalizer by Kim Gyeol, who was replaced. Kim Gyeol brought the game to square one by connecting Hwang Tae-hyun's ball from the right with a calm right-footed shot from the gate.

In the 48th minute of the second half, Seoul E-Land FC, which gained momentum, Jang Seok-hoon attempted a powerful left-footed shot in front of the arc, but the game was extended as it came out of the net.

Both teams failed to score even in the first and second half of extra time, and eventually went on a shootout. Seoul E-Land FC replaced goalkeeper Um Ye-hoon.

Seoul E-Land FC finished the match by beating Daejeon Korail 5-3 who missed the second kick with all five kickers calmly shooting in the penalty shootout.
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