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Who lost for the first time

Ahead of the 23rd Denso Cup Korea-Japan regular soccer match, both teams are highly determined to win. Park Kyu-sun, the coach of the selection team at Korea University, expressed his determination to win the "victory" while maintaining his color.

The Korean university selection team, led by head coach Park Kyu-sun, will face the Japanese university selection team led by Takeshi Togairin, head coach of the University of Japan, at Anyang Stadium on the 24th.

The Korean university selection team lost in their two matches last year. Notably, the defeat at Anyang Sports Complex in September last year was the first loss that the Korean team recorded on its home turf. Coach Park Kyu-sun, who coached the Korean university selection team as its coach, will take on the Japanese team as the head coach.

"I felt a lot in the game against the Japanese team last year. Unfortunately, I lost the game. This year, we prepared a lot of things by forming the same coaching team as last year. I will do my best to win this year's Denso Cup."

Coach Park Kyu-sun won four gold medals last year, the first ever in the history of college football. Notably, he became a sensation by capturing the results with attractive soccer games, from goalkeepers to short passes. However, given that the Korean national team has only 10 days to prepare for the Denso Cup, it is difficult to blend coach Park's distinct color.

However, coach Park Kyu-sun said, "Ten days are short in a single match. I focused on uniting the players. I filled in shortcomings with my children during the training, but many players who played in the Denso Cup last year and got a job as a professional team. It may be motivation, but the attitude and attitude of the players are so good. We performed in a good environment and atmosphere last year, but this year, we created a better atmosphere than last year."

"I watched a lot of videos from last year, and I thought a lot about whether I should play soccer at my school. To a certain extent, I tried to play soccer that I thought I would play. As a coach of the Denso Cup this time, it was very bad for me to think that I was playing practical soccer just to win," he said. "This year, we tried to catch the two rabbits (content + victory) by doing a good job in building up, rather than playing soccer like that. I will show you how I can catch the two rabbits on the field."

Kim Kyung-min (Sungsil University), the captain of the Korean university's selection team, said, "It is an honor to play for the Korean team with the coach and 22 players, led by the talented coach Park Kyu-sun. It was a short call-up period, but I tried to prepare perfectly," adding, "All the players are confident, not proud. I ask for your support, and I will show you the performance and result that fits that support."

"I'll bet my life on it. I'll win 5-0," Kim added.

"We are preparing for the championship by gathering some outstanding players. The goal is to win, but the goal is for students to grow as human beings," Togailin, who led the Japanese university's starting team to a victory in September last year, said. "I want to display an interesting game by aggressively playing the match against Korea. I want to bring about a win as well."

Captain Sumi Koshiro (Tsukuba University) said, "Our starting team has many players who will display good performance as the coach said. I will prepare a lot and do my best. I will do my best to help the starting team of the Japanese national team win."
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Friday, March 22, 2024
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