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Leo 43 Points…Okay Financial Group Enters PO

In men's professional volleyball, OK Financial Group won a thrilling victory over Hyundai Capital in the semi-playoff single-round match.

Leo scored 43 points.

The semi-playoff between third-place OK Financial Group and fourth-place Hyundai Capital, which had four full-set matches in six matches this season, was also decided in the last five sets.

OK Financial's Leo showed a scary background at the last minute.

Leo turned the game around with four consecutive points when he was dragged by Hyundai Capital by three points, and later led the attack with a strong spike and a serve ace, sending home fans wild.

With Leo exploding a semi-playoff record of 43 points, OK Financial won a thrilling 3-2 victory to win a playoff ticket for the first time in three years.
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Friday, March 22, 2024
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