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Think of it as a regular league game, not a spring volleyball

"I have to think it's just the same game."

It is a reasonable request from Jeonggwanjang Ko Hee-jin, who has advanced to the postseason in seven seasons and is looking higher, but is concerned about taking on the burden.

Jeong Kwan-jang will play the first playoff game against Heungkuk Life Insurance in the 2023-2024 V-League postseason at Samsan Gymnasium in Incheon on the 22nd.

Not only the coach but also the players have high expectations for the first spring volleyball tournament in seven years. "I'm looking forward to this because it's the first spring volleyball tournament since my professional debut. I want to feel pressure and overcome it," Jung Ho-young said.

In fact, among Hyundai Engineering & Construction, Heungkuk Life Insurance and Jeonggwanjang, it is Jeonggwanjang that has the best momentum to advance to the postseason. After finishing the regular season with seven consecutive wins, Jeonggwanjang caught Hyundai E&C and Heungkuk Life Insurance in order in the sixth round. He is the best among the three teams in terms of the composition of players including setter Yeom Hye-sun, mega-watty in the Asian quarter, foreign player Giovanna, and middle blockers Park Eun-jin and Jung Ho-young.

Nevertheless, what we should be wary of is pressure and carelessness. Veteran Yeom Hye-sun has experience playing volleyball in the spring, but Park Eun-jin, Jung Ho-young and foreigners have little experience playing in big events. The pressure to do well can have a significant impact on performance. This is even more so in short-term games.

Directed by Jung Ho-young and Ko Hee-jin.

That is why mind control is important. "I have been training my mental health since December last year. The ball is not shaken. If I am not shaken, I will definitely be able to play well," Koh said. "If I try to do better, my mind will fluctuate. How much my players control their minds with composure is important."

Jung Ho-young is also well aware of the director's request. "The most common thing the director says is 'as he did'. He told me not to try to do well because my skills are not going anywhere."

"When I confirmed the spring volleyball tournament, I received a lot of congratulatory messages, but I thought it wasn't over yet. It's not over until I win the championship," he said. "I still think so. I just have to do what I've been doing."
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Friday, March 22, 2024
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