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Vorage raises the stakes with a new poker room

This year's biggest poker event, the Borgage Heater Poker Tournament, Borgage Resort & Casino, today re-raised the stakes for poker players by opening a new poker room.

"We are excited to open our newest gaming facility for our poker players. Poker now has a permanent home closer to the foundation of the traditional level of escalators where our major poker competitions are being held, including a casino entrance and an upcoming View Lizzy Heater," said View Lizzy poker room manager Adam Nash. "Our poker players have called our temporary poker room home for years. Our new state-of-the-art poker room is part of a multimillion-dollar project, and it was definitely worth the wait. With the opening of new rooms and possibly our largest View Lizzy Heater imminent, we are incredibly excited about poker in the New Year and beyond."

Adjacent to a convention-level escalator, the new 12-table poker room, located between the renovated Buffett and Buffalo Zones, offers guests a comfortable playing experience with all the convenience of modern poker. In addition to functional furniture, the space also includes four window counters, a foam display, and 12 65-inch HDTVs that can keep up with the latest sports action without missing a hand.

As before, the smoke-free room will remain half-closed, but it will feel open and bright when seated at a table. Wood accents and wall work will move to the casino floor, as well as light patterns used to cover the walls.

It was designed by Dietz & Co. architects with Southern hospitality in mind, as the saying goes, "This is not your grandfather's poker room." These are the factories and bright walls with bright blue coordinates that can be seen throughout the Beau Rivalry. The blue shading in the trellis pattern on the carpet of the room helps bring the design elements together and improve the comfort of the room.
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Friday, March 22, 2024
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