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Postecoglou is recruiting Madison's backup as a 'big fan'

Tottenham Hotspur aims for Morgan Gibbs-White (24, Nottingham Forest).

 "Tottenham is one of the clubs keeping an eye on Nottingham's attacking midfielder Gibbswhite, and Nottingham has to sell their valuable assets this summer. Nottingham has recently been disciplined for a four-point cut for violating Premier League profit and sustainability rules, and some stars have to be cashed in to avoid further sanctions."

England's Talk Sports said, "Tottenham and West Ham United are clubs that keep an eye on Nottingham playmaker Gibbswhite. Gibbswhite is a favorite of manager Enze Postecoglou, and Tottenham has maintained a good relationship with Nottingham when they hired Brennan Johnson last summer."

Tottenham is highly likely to advance to the European competition next season. As a result, the quality of backup resources has become very important. Currently, Tottenham's offensive midfielder position is held by James Madison, who is playing well. The problem is that there is no player to continue. Giovanni Lo Celso showed a brilliant appearance, but there is a huge risk of being a glass body. Tanguy Ndombele, who will return to loan, is likely to be sold this summer.

Then a new recruitment candidate appeared. Multiple British media outlets revealed that Tottenham is seeking to recruit Nottingham Gibbswhite. Gibbswhite is an English national striker who can play as an attacking midfielder or winger. A former Wolverhampton Youth player, he moved to Nottingham in the summer of 2022 for £44 million (W74.5 billion).

Gibbswhite can act as a linker between offense and a middle-rounder who seeks to score. Basically, he has forward-thinking ability and has an impressive breakthrough in dribbling. He has a high dribbling success rate due to his good footwork and good technology. He has stable pass play with his teammates, and sometimes tries to score directly after penetrating into the penalty box. Having established himself as a key player in Nottingham, he produced five goals and eight assists in 40 games and four goals and five assists in 33 games in the 2023-24 season.

Nottingham does not want to miss Gibbswhite, but has no choice but to sell it due to financial conditions. It has already been cut by four points due to violations of profit and sustainability regulations. As a result, it has fallen to the 18th-ranked relegation zone, making it unclear whether it will remain or not.

Tottenham will seek to recruit Gibbs-White in the summer transfer market, and the transfer fee offer will vary depending on the situation such as Nottingham's relegation.
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Friday, March 22, 2024
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