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Timo Werner (28) has only one wish. He will also accompany Tottenham Hotspur after the end of this season.

Florian Flettenberg of Germany's "Sky Sports" announced on the 19th that "Werner is really comfortable at Tottenham and wants to stay longer. The 17 million euro (about 24.5 billion won) recruitment option should be activated until Euro 2024 begins."

He continued, "There is no guarantee of either side's future in Leipzig. Werner's contract is currently valid until June 2026. Unless Tottenham completely sign him, there is a very good chance he will leave Leipzig in the summer."

Werner made a name for himself early in his career by playing amazingly for Stuttgart and Leipzig. Notably, he played 45 matches for Leipzig in the 2019-20 season, scoring 34 goals and 13 assists. He was able to join the Premier League and was hired by Chelsea for a transfer fee of 47.5 million pounds (about W80.5 billion). However, Chelsea was disappointed due to his hopeless decision-making ability, and he was released after two seasons.

Werner will return to Leipzig for a fee of 20 million euros (about W29 billion) in the summer of 2022. Last season, he was expected to revive with 16 goals and six assists in 40 games, but this season he was ranked fourth behind Lois Oppenda, Yusuf Poulsen and Benjamin Sheshko. As a result, he was put up for sale in the winter transfer market and joined hands with Tottenham under manager Enze Postecoglou. It was a loan deal for the rest of the season and included an optional transfer option of 17 million euros.

So far, his record has been two goals and two assists in nine games. He still has a lack of goal-determination, which is similar to a chronic disease, but he has made a decent impression as a depth resource. In particular, he has good chemistry with his team members and is a utility player, so he is widely used.

Werner was already dreaming of staying at Tottenham. Flettenberg explained that Werner is comfortable with Tottenham and wants to keep playing. Tottenham is also a positive assessment. European transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano said earlier, "The final decision has not been made yet. However, Tottenham are very happy that Werner has started to engage with other players, not only on the pitch but also off the pitch. Tottenham are pleased with Werner, and his long-term plan is not to stay in Leipzig."

Multiple media outlets including Germany's Bild explained that Werner's transfer option should be activated before June 14 when Euro 2024 begins. Will Werner's dream come true.
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Wednesday, March 20, 2024
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