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The first home win was 'Dum'

Gimcheon Sangmu recorded the team's first win against Jeonbuk with its first home win.

Kim Cheon-moo won 1-0 in the third round of Hana Bank K League 1 2024 against Jeonbuk Hyundai at 2 p.m. on the 17th at Gimcheon Stadium to achieve his first win at the same time as his first home victory.

Gimcheon made a difference by taking the starting lineup differently. Kim Jun-hong wore goalkeeper gloves for the first time this season. The defensive line was formed by Park Min-gyu, Kim Bong-soo, Kim Jae-woo, and Park Seung-wook. The midfield was formed by Kim Jin-gyu, Won Doo-jae, Kang Hyun-mook as in the last game, and Kim Hyun-wook, Lee Joong-min, and Kim Tae-hyun came forward.

Gimcheon tried to build up through short passes from the back. Rather than unreasonable forward passes, it steadily increased its ball possession. In the last two games, I finished the first half unfortunately by mistake, so I operated the game carefully.

Gimcheon slowly knocked on Jeonbuk's goal after the search. In the 21st minute of the first half, Kim Hyun-wook's cross from the left was connected by Park Min-gyu, but he hit the next net. With momentum, Kim continued to aim for the goal and scored the first goal. Kang Hyun-mook, who intercepted the pass from Jeonbuk's camp in the 24th minute of the first half, connected the pass to Kim Hyun-wook, and Kim Hyun-wook, who received the pass, scored the net with a calm mid-range shot. It was the second consecutive goal of the last game after multiple goals.

Jeonbuk replaced Moon Seon-min, Song Min-gyu, and Lee Dong-jun at the beginning of the second half, signaling a wave of offense. The game was also unilaterally played. Gimcheon focused on defense, struggling with forward pressure from Jeonbuk that boosted its line.

Kim Jun-hong's performance was remarkable in the midst of crisis. Even though he was the first starter, Kim defended the goal with stable catching ability without being nervous. He saved Jeonbuk's corner kick header shot in the first half to prevent the crisis. He continued his performance in the second half. Kim blocked Jeonbuk's crosses and passes, which are aggressive by selecting appropriate locations.

Driven by Kim Hyun-wook's goal and Kim Jun-hong's performance, Gimcheon finished the game 1-0 scoreless, achieving its first home victory this season in front of a crowd of 4,300. At the same time, it also won its first showdown with Jeonbuk, the team's first.

"It was good to give good memories to the fans by winning the second game at home," Chung said at a press conference after the match. "I would like to congratulate the players and give compliments for winning the game without allowing any points. I will prepare well to maintain a good atmosphere even after the A-match break."

Meanwhile, Gimcheon will play an away game against Suwon FC on the 30th after the A match break.
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Monday, March 18, 2024
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