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Bailout will get the country out of trouble

Greece's economic crisis has left the country on the brink of bankruptcy, and the government has begun to seek ways to heal wounds and stabilize the economy, which many believe has

A negative impact on society, but it is no secret that the top determinant of profitability and profitability in the gambling market is taxing new machines.

Greece has become a center of European interest due to the economic crisis that began in 2009, triggered by the aftermath of the Great Depression, and to avoid disaster, the European Union had no choice but bailout loans. Bailout will get the country out of trouble. But Greece was asked for harsh austerity conditions, dramatic tax increases and budget cuts. The Greek government also had to pay a dangerous amount for economic support from small and medium-sized enterprises.

Greece's ongoing bailout program
Currently, the country's lawmakers are working on legislation aimed at introducing gambling tax reform. According to the proposal, the tax system would reduce the gambling tax on total sales from 30-37% to at least 25%. Officials hope that the lower tax rates will attract foreign investors and breathe new life into the country's gambling industry. According to the new tax system, the country collects almost twice as much tax revenue from casino operations.

As part of the plan, the government gave approval to the relocation of the Regency Mont Parnes casino from its current location in Parnita to a more strategic location near Athens. The project turned out to be worth $150 million. Officials also approved a new casino project to be established at the old international airport Elinico. This is also expected to provide a strong impetus for the collapsed gambling industry, which seems to improve the country's tourism industry.
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