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Top of the team's batting average and ERA

Doosan won 11-6 in an away game against SSG Landers in the "2024 KBO League Demonstration Game" at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 17th.

Doosan, which struggled to advance to the postseason by ranking fifth in the regular season league last year, strengthened its pitching and hitting capacity through this year's spring camp. Some coaches are wary of Doosan as a strong team.

"Our team's starting pitchers ranked first in ERA last year. However, they ranked fifth in overall performance in the regular season. Their pitching and hitting balance was not good," Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop said. "If the starting pitchers who did well last year did well, and the batters supported him even a little, he will be able to achieve a good performance."

As coach Lee Seung-yeop wishes, he stands out in exhibition games.

Doosan ranks first in both team ERA (2.86) and team batting average (0.297).

Ace Raul Alcantara started two games in the exhibition game, winning two games and posting a 1.13 ERA.

Kim Dong-ju and Choi Won-jun, who are competing to start, also pitched in two games, respectively, and posted good results with 1.13 and 3.38 ERA. Brandon Waddell also pitched in one game and pitched four scoreless innings.

The bullpen session also displayed outstanding performance. Closer Jeong Cheol-won and Super Rookie Kim Taek-yeon pitched three innings each, recording two saves with an earned run average of zero. Park Jeong-soo, Park Chi-guk, and Lee Byung-hun also displayed good pitching.

The batting lineup has displayed good performance. Doosan's batting average of 0.255 last year was ninth in the league. Yang Eui-ji was the only batter to hit .300. However, Yang scored more than six points per game on average at this year's exhibition games.

Jung Soo-bin, new foreign hitters Henry Ramos, Kang Seung-ho, and Kim Jae-hwan are active in exhibition games.

Jung tied for first overall hits (nine) in exhibition games this year. His batting average in exhibition games is also as high as 0.529.

Having corrected his batting form several times, Jung has been making bold swings at exhibition games. "I feel like I have my batting form since last year. I am focusing on continuing my batting sense since the camp," Jung said.

Ramos is leading the batting average by posting a batting average of 0.389. Kang Seung-ho (eight hits from 18 times at bat) and Kim Jae-hwan (seven hits from 17 times at bat) also showed good batting performance, brightening his outlook for this season.

If No. 4 hitter Kim Jae-hwan, who showed the worst slump last year, survives, he can build a strong lineup with Yang Seok-hwan, Ramos, and Yang Eui-ji.
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Monday, March 18, 2024
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