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I got something that I couldn't buy even for billions of dollars

Samsung Lions ace Won Tae-in was the best star in the warm-up match between the Korean national baseball team and the San Diego Padres in the U.S. Major League Baseball at Gocheok Sky Dome on the 17th.

He pitched as the second pitcher, allowing no run in two innings. In the third inning, he struck out Manny Machado swinging, and failed to hide his smile. In the fourth inning, he faced Xander Bogaerts and Fernando Tatis Jr. slugger, but failed to give any points. He gained valuable experience in matches against global stars. "I didn't know these star players would play full-time. I felt that star players had different mindsets," Won said after the game, expressing his overwhelming emotions.

It would have been a great motivation just to have a showdown with world-class superstars. Won Tae-in also has a big dream to advance to Japan, and such a game could be a huge study. Perhaps that's why he looked especially well-conditioned and felt the strength of his ball.

However, Won gave an unexpected behind-the-scenes story that enabled him to have a good game. He said that his meeting with Tyler Glasnow, the "handsome man" of the Los Angeles Dodgers on Wednesday gave him a big inspiration.

Wednesday was an official training day for the Korean national team, the Dodgers and the San Diego Padres. Glasnow was present as the Dodgers' representative player during the team's training session and youth clinic in the morning. Glasnow is the starting pitcher for the official opening game against the San Diego Padres on Tuesday local time. He played as an ace for the Tampa Bay Rays before moving to the Dodgers in the off-season. His main weapon is his strong fastball and curveball.

Won Tae-in didn't miss the opportunity. He might be shy, but he actively tried to touch Glasnow. We had a great time asking this and that and also asking about the size of our hands.

"I thought Glasnow's main weapon was a curveball. I have a weak curveball. I asked him how to throw the ball, but he told me in too much detail. I tried it right away in the actual game today (against San Diego)," Won said. "I also asked him about his pitching balance. Actually, his pitching balance has not been good lately. However, I played catch ball before the game based on what Glasnow taught me, and I felt great. I immediately found the balance I wanted. I don't know if Glasnow will see this article, but I just want to say thank you."

When the opportunity comes, Won Tae-in has gained valuable learning that he cannot buy with an active mind without hesitation.

With a changeup that he had in mind, he swung and missed superstar Machado, and smiled happily. Then, he confirmed and killed Machado. After the game, he approached Machado and took a photo. He looked happy at the best spot. It was the best photo shoot in his baseball career.
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Sunday, March 17, 2024
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