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The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJUE) ruled on the 21st (Korea time) that the regulations of UEFA and FIFA on allowing competitions such as Super League "violate competition rules and freedom to provide services." This has allowed the Super League, which was blocked by UEFA, to move again.

Super League was officially launched back in 2021. Super League is a competition that is not part of UEFA or FIFA, and it was led by Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, and Juventus, with 20 European teams playing in the league. This hinted at the introduction of a new system that was different from the existing one.

The Super League is likely to shake up UEFA and FIFA, which currently dominate the hegemony of the soccer world. Naturally, UEFA took a hardline response when the early big clubs' movements became known. They threatened or coaxed clubs participating in the Super League with severe punishment, destroying the initial Super League attempt.

Real President Florentiro Pérez, one of the core players of the Super League, didn't give up. He continued to push for the Super League by bringing together various clubs that aligned themselves. Later, he questioned the legitimacy of UEFA and FIFA to prevent the creation of the Super League through the European Court of Justice.

Such tenacity has finally come to fruition. "The fact that UEFA and FIFA prevent football matches between clubs such as the Super League itself violates the basic competition rules and the freedom to provide services," the CJEU said. "It is also illegal for FIFA to prevent players from participating in the Super League."

Meanwhile, A22 CEO Bernard Leicardt, who is leading the creation of the Super League along with Perez, said, "Finally, we have a legitimate right. UEFA's monopoly in football is over now. We will provide all Super League games for free from now on."
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