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'Son Heung-min's presence' that cannot be overcome...

After transferring to Tottenham, he played in '14 minutes', and eventually was rumored to be on loan for the first time in four months

Tottenham's new striker Alejo Bellis (20? Argentina) is rumored to return to his country. It has been four months since his transfer to Tottenham in August. Other clubs, including Argentina, are paying attention as they have not been able to get proper time to play after the transfer to Tottenham. The most likely destination is the Argentine River Plate.

Reporter Damian Ranches said in El Crack Deportivo on the 20th (Korea time), "River Plate wants to sign Bellis from Tottenham. Bellis also wants to play for Argentina. It's a complicated situation, but he is expected to try to sign a loan first." Bellis was spotted on River Plate's radar network, which wants to reinforce strikers.

Bellis, a resource of forward striker, left Rosario Central for Tottenham Hotspur in August through a fee of 15 million euros. Considering his young age in 2003, he made the move for the future. However, after moving to Tottenham, he rarely got a chance to play. In this season's EPL, he played in six substitute matches, but none of them played for more than 10 minutes on a regular basis. He only played for 14 minutes when he added all the time he played in the EPL after the transfer.

Initially, it was expected that he would compete for the position of a front-line one-top striker with Hishalisson, but the position was further reduced as "captain" Son Heung-min moved to the front-line one-top. Son Heung-min is already a key striker for Tottenham, with 10 goals and 4 assists, not the side. It was not enough for Bellis to shake Son's presence. Since Hishalisson is also in charge of Son's one-top backup role, Bellis' playing time is bound to be even more limited.

Under these circumstances, there are clubs that are keeping an eye on Bellis' situation. The representative club is River Plate. The interest of the River Plate club is also high because Bellis showed talent enough to score 11 goals and 1 assist in 23 games in the Argentine league before moving to Tottenham. This is the background of rumors that Bellis will return to Argentina through the January transfer market.

However, considering that Tottenham invested 15 million euros, is still young at 20 years old, and the contract period is until 2029, the possibility of a full transfer is close to zero. This is why Argentina also puts more weight on the possibility of a "lease" instead of a transfer. Bellis also does not want to return to Argentina after half a year as he entered the EPL stage. Instead, it is urgent to secure consistent playing time for growth right now, and there is a high possibility that he will choose to change teams for a while. From Tottenham's point of view, it is not a bad choice to move to another team and steadily gain experience.

"Bellis is only 20 years old, and he has the talent and quality to become a true star in the next few years. To that end, it is important to play in the game," said Dubboothroom of England. "Maybe Tottenham won't have much time to play until the end of this season. This is not an ideal situation at all. So a loan transfer through the January transfer window is very meaningful."

The River Plate is moving most actively, and returning to Argentina may not be the only option. The interest of other European clubs in desperate need of reinforcement of the offense is also likely to turn to Bellis, who is unable to play for Tottenham. Although he has not shown anything properly on the European stage yet, his potential on the Argentine stage can be an attractive card for other clubs as well. In fact, Italian Serie A club Bologna is also reported to be interested in recruiting Bellis. Dubutroom said, "Returning to Argentina could be an attractive option, but a much higher level of competition in Europe could be better for Bellis. Bologna is also interested in recruiting him."
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Sunday, March 17, 2024
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