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"Kim Min-jae's power is the best in the world"

Global soccer media Gol Dotcom conducted an interview with Joe Cole. They chose the world's best player in the field for the various skills needed in soccer. It was a way to answer the player that came to mind without worrying. Joe Cole's interview was delivered on TikTok, a video platform, on the 20th (Korea time).

Joe Cole picked England national team Bukayo Saka (Asnal) as the player with the best left foot. "Kylian Mbappe" was the answer to the player with the best right foot and speed in the world.

Kim Min-jae was chosen as the world's most powerful player. He never hesitated for a second. He is truly dignified. He beat other world-class defenders such as Virgil van Dijk (Liverpool) and Huweng Díaz (Manchester City).

Joe Cole selected Jude Bellingham, who plays for England's national team and Real Madrid (Spain), in relation to soccer intelligence, which was the last topic.

As Joe Cole chose, Kim is considered one of the best defenders in the world. After leading his team Napoli (Italy) to Serie A title last season, he successfully moved to Munich through a transfer window last summer. Kim is also a key player in Munich. He played in all 15 games of the league this season. He also scored one goal.

In this match, Kim Min-jae displayed tremendous strength as well. In the 17th minute of the second half, Kim engaged in a loose ball competition inside the penalty box, and he pushed past Wolfsburg's Matthias Svanberg. Svanberg is a solid midfielder with a height of 185 centimeters. However, he bounced back from Kim's strong physical fight. Whether Kim Min-jae's defense was perfect, Svanberg did not complain even though he fell.

Footmob, a European soccer statistics site, gave Kim a 7.4 rating. He led his team to victory along with Upamecano (8.1) and Davis (8.0), who showed outstanding performances. Huxerad Dotcom, another statistical news outlet, had a 6.8 rating.
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Sunday, March 17, 2024
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