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The PO counterpart is Heungkuk Life Insurance

Koh Hee-jin, the head coach of Chung Kwan-jang, now draws spring volleyball.

Chung Kwan-jang, led by head coach Ko, will play the final match of the sixth round of the women's division of the 2023-2024 V-League against IBK Industrial Bank of Korea at Hwaseong Gyeonggi Town Gymnasium on the 17th.

Jeong confirmed his advance to the playoffs by ranking third early on. He also has a 10-point gap with fourth-ranked GS Caltex, so he will not have a semi-playoff match.

In the last match, Koh excluded key players such as Mega, Jia and Yeom Hye-sun and gave chances to the candidates. Unlike in the last match, key players will play in the final match to manage their conditions.

"Thank you so much for confirming the third place in the regular league. We have to go to the playoffs. We want to repay our fans with a good game," Koh told reporters ahead of the game. "We will start as normal today. We will look at the situation and run the game."

As Hyundai Engineering & Construction confirmed its regular league No. 1 ranking on Wednesday, the playoff schedule has also been confirmed. Chung will play against Heungkuk Life Insurance. "The opponent has been decided. I thought I should prepare accordingly. I kept preparing. I will do my best."

The key issue is the condition of ace Lee So-young. Lee is currently rehabbing due to an ankle injury. "Frankly, many people are asking Lee So-young, but all I can say is that she is doing her best. It is difficult to say when she can play. I don't want to put pressure on the player. Just being mentioned can make her suffer," she said, expressing caution.

IBK coach Kim Ho-cheol cheers for Hwang Min-kyung's score in a match between Hyundai Engineering & Construction and IBK Industrial Bank of Korea in the 2023-2024 V-League at Suwon Gymnasium on Tuesday.

On the other hand, IBK coach Kim Ho-cheol, who failed to play volleyball in the spring, said, "I remember the first game, but it's already the last game of this season. Looking back, I have many regrets, but our players did a great job. We had many tough games this season. We won and lost by a gap of a moment, but the players must have had a hard time."

"I want to end the game by showing good performance in front of fans at home stadium. Still, I want to let players who failed to participate in this season play," Kim said. "I will manage the game in that way."
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Sunday, March 17, 2024
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