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4 years and 5 billion won? Half the incentives...

Lim Chan-kyu, who had a career-high season, signed a four-year FA contract worth up to 5 billion won with LG. In the era of the great salary cap, where the club can use the "upper limit" as a weapon in ransom negotiations, a contract to this extent did not seem easy, no matter how much the best year was and even won the championship.

The deal makes sense. "We signed a four-year contract worth 5 billion won (600 million won in down payment, 2 billion won in annual salary, and 2.4 billion won in incentives) on Friday morning," the LG Twins said. On the surface, Lim has won a large contract worth 5 billion won for four years, but 48 percent of the contract is actually filled with incentives worth 2.4 billion won. The guaranteed amount is only 2.6 billion won for four years.

In fact, there was a request from Lim Chan-kyu. "The club said it would raise the guaranteed amount even more. However, even if the guaranteed amount is lowered, I asked them to create a structure where I can earn (incentives) by working hard and doing well like this year. I hope it was a confident contract for both the fans and the club. I will take it confidently," Lim said in a messenger interview after the announcement.

After winning the Korean Series, an entertainment program said, "I hope you can sign a six-year contract." However, the actual contract is set at four years in the "KBO FA Standard." "In fact, six years is a difficult clause for any pitcher. I just asked, "Is it possible?" and I didn't want to strongly suggest it. I know the reality very well. I am not a person who makes such demands without hesitation. I am really grateful for the fourth year."

The deal is far from a rumor. In the early days of the stove league, rumors circulated that a local team offered Lim Chan-kyu a contract worth 6 billion won (approx. There were also rumors that LG was agonizing over negotiations due to excessive conditions requested by Lim Chan-kyu. A word leaning on anonymity caused public opinion to fluctuate. Criticism against Lim Chan-kyu followed.

Lim Chan-kyu laughed it off. Lim Chan-kyu, who took part in a surprise event at the Love Giving Festival on the 2nd, laughed at the rumor, saying, "I was curious about where the rumor would come from, but I think I just enjoyed watching it because I know that the club and the agent are unfounded."

These rumors have also been addressed with incentives of 2.4 billion won (2.4 million U.S. dollars) out of up to 5 billion won (4.47 million dollars) in four years instead of six years. This also confirms Lim's sincerity toward LG.

Lim Chan-kyu said in a press release announcing the contract, "I'm happy that Elin is a former player and can continue to wear a striped uniform. I didn't think of any other club. I want to continue to be a LG Twins player, but thank you to the club for signing such a good contract. I think we were able to achieve the best result of this season thanks to our fans who always support us passionately. I was able to feel the power of our fans once again, and I will prepare to produce good results next year and the year after that so that our fans can always smile."

The word "elin" is like a sense of pride to Lim Chan-kyu. These are his impressions of the contract that show his loyalty to the LG club and gratitude to LG's fans. He shed tears when he won the runner-up prize in the 2002 Korea Series, and shed tears again when he won the 2023 Korea Series. With this FA contract, there is a high possibility that he will always be with LG whenever he is a baseball fan or a player. Of course, Lim Chan-kyu knows that LG can't go as he wants. After signing the FA contract, he showed his commitment to do well so that he can remain with LG until the end.

Lim Chan-kyu said, "To me, LG is something I have loved for 26 years. But I'm so happy that the love is not a crush, but a love for each other. I will always do well in a friendly way so that I don't break up with this relationship," vowing to become a better player by showing affection for the team through literary expressions. To LG fans, he said, "To me, LG fans were always sorry, but now I want to remain happy together, crying and laughing, and loving each other."
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Sunday, March 17, 2024
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