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Annual salary of 8 billion → 2.4 billion won rapidly falls

Tanaka Masahiro of the Rakuten Golden Eagles continues to take the mound smoothly. He allowed one run in three innings in his third appearance in a practice game.

Tanaka took the mound as the starting pitcher in a practice match between the Rakuten and the Orix Buffaloes held in Shizuoka, Japan on the 13th, and faced 12 batters in three innings. He threw a total of 39 pitches and allowed three hits and one run in three innings. Tanaka, who pitched two innings in the match against the Hanshin Tigers at Koshien Stadium on the 6th, increased his pitch count a little more on the day.

According to a report by Japan's Chunichi Sports, Tanaka caught all three batters with an infield grounder in the first inning, recording seven pitches. He also had three outs in the second inning, but allowed two hits in the third inning. He was hit by a timely RBI by his opponent in a crisis with runners on the first and third bases with one out. He finished the inning without any additional runs, and the game ended with fewer than 40 pitches.

Tanaka, a former major leaguer who played for the New York Yankees and had a reputation as an "Ace" pitcher representing Japan, has been struggling since returning to the Japanese stage. In 2021, his first season back, he had a 4-9 record, a 3.01 ERA, a 9-12 record, a 3.31 ERA in the 2022 season, and a 7-11 record and a 4.91 ERA last year.

Tanaka reportedly received 900 million yen (approx. 8 billion won) in annual salary for two years when he returned to his former team Rakuten, but his salary has plummeted since then. His salary has decreased from 475 million yen in the 2023 season to 260 million yen (approx. 2.3 billion won) this year.

Tanaka underwent surgery on his right elbow in October last year. He explained that he had pain in his elbow and had to suffer from poor personal performance. Since then, he has been striving to revive himself.

Tanaka played in the most innings since his surgery against Orix on the day. After watching Tanaka's return after rehabilitation, Toshiki Imae told local media, "I think I have taken good steps so far, so I am looking forward to it as well. I am slowly stepping on the accelerator," hoping to revive his ace.
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