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Only Korean player to win the first round

Koo Yeon-woo won 7-6 (2) 4-1 against Park So-hyun (294th in the world, sponsored by Seongnam City Hall and CJ CheilJedang) in the first round of the Korea Open preliminary round held at Olympic Park Tennis Court No. 13 in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 7th.

There were variables from the beginning of the first set. Park So-hyun used a medical timeout right after the third game. Park So-hyun, who did not fully recover from the thigh injury suffered during the Hangzhou Asian Games, had a brief recovery time by using a medical timeout in the first set 1-2 situation.

Koo Yeon-woo faced a desperate crisis of 5-6 in the second half of the first set, giving up all three consecutive games. However, he defended his 12th game and led the first set to a tiebreaker. And he led Park So-hyun from the beginning of the tiebreaker and finished the set 7-2.

The second set was also Koo Yeon-woo's pace. Koo broke Park So-hyun's two serve games in succession, widening the gap to 4-1. Park So-hyun, whose thigh condition was not normal, gave up the game, judging that it was difficult to play anymore.

Koo Yeon-woo (brother) and Park So-hyun (sister), who are one year apart, are very close. Not only do they have the same team and sponsoring company, but they also participate in international tour competitions frequently. In the Hangzhou Asian Games, the two also partnered to compete in women's doubles.

Koo Yeon-woo said, "(Park) So-hyun is the best sister. know each other well. I knew my sister was injured, and I was expecting to use a medical timeout, he said. "I want to win one game at a time without looking far away."

Although he won, Koo Yeon-woo failed to record a single serve ace, while making five double faults. Koo Yeon-woo said, "Since June, shoulder injuries have worsened, so there is a lot of anxiety about serving these days. I think I need to practice more tomorrow to show better performance than today," he said.

Koo Yeon-woo will have the final showdown with Li Yashuan (Taiwan, 382nd) tomorrow (8th) for the right to advance to this year's Korea Open finals. The match between the two is scheduled for tomorrow's second match on court two. It is expected after 12 p.m. in Korean time.

Meanwhile, other Korean players failed to pass the first round of the preliminary round, realizing the gap with the world's top players.

Kim Da-bin (654th, Gangwon Special Self-Governing Provincial Government) and Information-young (888th, NH Nonghyup Bank) lost to Irina Kromacheva (374th, Russia) and Saccia Vickery (148th, USA), respectively, 2-6 3-6.

The final round of the preliminary round, the final gateway to the Korea Open finals, will be held at the same venue from 11 a.m. on the 8th. Two consecutive matches will be played on Court 2 and Court 13.
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Thursday, March 14, 2024
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