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An ‘unpopular stock’ that blossomed in AG, the fruit of KT’s 30

he first Asian Games (AG) medal in Korean e-sports, the medal race in shooting, and even advancing to the finals in women's hockey. The performance in sports classified as unpopular surprised everyone. It was the result of the players’ tireless efforts for this competition over the past five years. Behind this achievement was consistent and special support.

KT Sports dispatched a total of 13 players to the 2022 Hangzhou AG. A 'strong sports team', producing several national team players in not only professional sports such as baseball (2 players) and basketball (3 players), but also unpopular sports such as e-sports (1 player), shooting (4 players), and women's hockey (3 players). showed off his skills.

My grades were good too. In shooting, the KT team won 6 medals. Park Ha-jun won two silver medals and one bronze medal, Kim Sang-do won one silver medal and one bronze medal, and Kim Jong-hyun won one bronze medal. Kwak Jun-hyuk (KT Rolster), who participated in the e-sports 'FC Online' event, won a bronze medal and became the first AG medal winner in Korean e-sports history. The women's hockey team, comprised of three members of the KT hockey team (Lee Yu-ri, Park Seung-ae, and Kim Eun-ji), achieved the feat of advancing to the semifinals for the 11th consecutive time and then advancing to the finals.

It was the result of generous investment. KT has continued to invest in unpopular sports, starting with a hockey team in 1984, a shooting team in 1985, and a professional gaming team in 1999. As the only general company that has consistently supported amateur sports for over 30 years, KT is bearing fruit with this AG medal.
KT's support did not stop at simple investment. The continued interest in the sport as well as the players stood out. KT Sports dispatches staff to each game to cheer on the players on site. In this AG as well, employees flew all the way to Hangzhou to support the players up close, and encouraged the players by producing mini banners with cheering messages. Before the opening of AG, the parents of 13 KT players selected as national team members were presented with Korean beef sets and congratulatory cards to motivate the players. Consistent interest and support led to good grades.

Esports bronze medalist Kwak Jun-hyuk said, “His parents were very touched because his team sent him a Korean beef gift and a letter. He expressed his gratitude to KT, saying, “As a gaming team that has been established as a prestigious team for a long time, they manage every detail based on their know-how.”

Park Ha-jun, who won three medals in shooting, said, “KT, his team, cared for him and supported him as much as the fans. At the airport, a KT employee personally came out and handed me a banner with a cheering message, which was touching. “I will hang it at home as a souvenir,” he said, adding, “I hope that KT will show a lot of interest in the future as they have invested a lot in shooting for a long time.;
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Wednesday, March 13, 2024
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