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Kim Yeon-kyung’s cry during the North Korean war, “Time differen

Commentator Kim Yeon-kyung broadcast live on KBS 2TV on the 5th with caster Lee Jae-hoo and commentator Yoon Bong-woo of the quarterfinal round match against North Korea, which was the last Korean game of the Hangzhou Asian Games women's volleyball. South Korea defeated North Korea with a set score of 3 to 1 that day.

At the beginning of the game, Caster Lee Jae-hoo asked Commissioner Kim Yeon-kyung about her experience facing North Korea six years ago. Commissioner Kim Yeon-kyung said, “It was our first time playing against North Korea, and our defense was good. “She is persistent and always follows,” she recalled of the game. When asked what the ratio of hard hits to repeated hits was, she responded, “I think the ratio of hard hits to repeated hits is 8:2.” Commissioner Kim Yeon-kyung, who began broadcasting in earnest, said, “During this Asian Games, I am struggling every time in the first set. He also left a message saying, “I hope she gets off to a good start.”

However, Korea struggled in the first set, and there were many situations where the team lost points through mistakes. When there was a receiving miss, Commissioner Kim Yeon-kyung said, “We are finding the flow of the attack, but nothing else is working. He expressed his disappointment, saying, “Receiving and the opponent’s blocking position are not suitable at all.”

South Korea, which lost the first set to North Korea, began to gain points in the second set and showed signs of regaining confidence. When North Korea had time to play in the middle of the second set, Kim Yeon-kyung expressed regret, saying, “If there was a microphone, I would have heard it.” He continued, “I want to hear it. What are you talking about? “But when the players talked to each other, I listened a lot,” he recalled. And the commentators introduced North Korean volleyball terminology, saying, “Let’s block it,” and “Let’s block it.” And Korea took the second set 25-21. Commissioner Kim Yeon-kyung commented, “Unlike the first set, we found the flow well and won because our offense was overwhelmingly good.”

As I regained my composure in the second set, the third set was much easier. Korea used a variety of players, and Lee Sun-woo's sharp spikes also stood out. The broadcast team also had more leisure time as they won the third set with a score of 25-9.

Entering the fourth set, Kim Yeon-kyung continued to urge central attacks. In particular, when Lee Da-hyun came in as a replacement, “Coach Cesar probably felt it too. So he analyzed it sharply, saying, “He would have switched to Lee Da-hyun for the middle attack.” Lee Da-hyun succeeded in attacking as soon as she was replaced, and member Kim Yeon-kyung cheered, saying, “North Korea is the last set, so if we take the score by 2 or 3 points, there may come a situation where we give up.” However, as Korea's crimes increased again, a dangerous situation arose.

In addition, Commissioner Kim Yeon-kyung, who repeatedly shouted 'time lag', actually surprised the North Korean team by predicting a time lag attack. In response, Commissioner Kim Yeon-kyung said, “I can see a pattern little by little. He recalled his time on the national team, saying, “When I play a game, I can see the setters’ tendencies,” and “There were times when I shouted ‘time lag’ in front of the players, which bothered them.”

The tie situation was repeated in the second half of the 4th set, and there was a series of tense situations. In a touch-out situation, when the referee did not blow the whistle and moved on to video review, Kim Yeon-kyung said, "If you are the captain, you go and talk to the referee in this situation," and "I tell him what's wrong, was it not hit, and ask him to take a good look at it," sharing his vivid experience. was also revealed. The North Korean match ended with a come-from-behind victory for South Korea, winning the final four sets with a score of 25-20. Commissioner Kim Yeon-kyung gave her overall opinion, saying, “We had a difficult game in the beginning as we couldn’t control the atmosphere, but in the second half, we had a lot of offense and a lot of blocking, so we won.”

Lastly, caster Lee Jae-hoo asked the question everyone was curious about, “Is the commentary easy? He asked the question, “Is it easy to be a player?” Commissioner Kim Yeon-kyung said, “I think playing the game is much better. “When I first gave the commentary, I was very nervous and had trouble choosing words, so I struggled a lot, but the two people helped me a lot, so I was able to do it well,” he said, also sharing his thoughts on his first commentary. Also, “I continue to have regrets. He concluded the broadcast by saying, “I hope we can show further growth in the future by thinking about how to improve Korean volleyball during the volleyball recession.”

Meanwhile, the Korean women's volleyball team, which won the final round of the quarterfinals with a set score of 3 to 1 against North Korea, is scheduled to play the final match for 5th to 8th places.
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