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Won Tae-in, the "blue blood ace,"

Won Tae-in, who was scheduled to start against Hanwha in Daejeon on the 10th, was postponed to take the mound in order to control his condition. Won Tae-in took the mound as the third pitcher in the sixth inning, trailing 0-3 against LG in Daegu on the 12th, and showed off four scoreless innings (three hits and three strikeouts). He had a maximum speed of 147 kilometers and effectively utilized various pitches such as curves, sliders, cut fastballs and changeups.

When Won Tae-in, the ace of blue blood with his jersey number 18, showed up at the ground, spectators cheered and applauded standing up. He gave up a double to right field to his first batter Kim Hyun-soo, but remained calm. Won finished the inning by hitting Austin Dean (ground ball to third base), Oh Ji-hwan (fly to left field), and Moon Bo-kyung (ground ball to first base).

Won Tae-in, who replaced Kim Sung-woo and Moon Sung-joo with ground balls to shortstop and a fly to center field in the seventh inning, gave up a hit to the right field after a full count with Koo Bon-hyuk. Soon after, he hit a fly ball on the fifth pitch with a ball count of 2B-2S with Park Hae-min, who played with Samsung.

In the eighth inning, pinch hitters Lee Jae-won (left fielder fly), Kim Hyun-jong (strikeout, not out), and Kim Sung-jin (strikeout, not out) were tightly tied. The first inning with three outs and a strikeout was complete. Won Tae-in, who overpowered Kim Min-soo, the first batter, with a swing and miss in the ninth inning, caught Kim Joo-sung with a grounder to the third base. He was hit with a double by Kim Sung-woo with two outs, but induced Choi to ground out to the third base.

David Buchanan, who played as an ace until last year, left the team, leading to question marks. As such, Won Tae-in's role has become more important.

Won Tae-in, who met at the Okinawa spring camp in Japan last month, said, "There were many good starting pitchers such as Buchanan, Suarez, and (Baek) Jung-hyun, but I don't know what will happen to the two foreign pitchers this season, so I think I should show better performance than last year."

While foreign one-two punch Conor Sebold (5 runs in 4 ⅓) and Danny Reyes (3 runs in 4 ⅔) failed to give a clear belief in their first appearance in the exhibition game, Won Tae-in showed off the ace's prowess to his heart's content.

As the years go by, Won's pitching has become more and more remarkable. He has also improved his ability to play games when he is in a bad condition. "I used to fall apart when I was in a bad condition, but now I realize how to overcome it when I was in a bad condition. For example, even if I give three points in one inning, it is thrilling to keep the mound until the sixth inning to achieve a quality start," he said.

"I've never felt as good as I did this year since my professional debut," Won said confidently. "I'm satisfied with my pitching balance and I gained confidence after experiencing an international competition last year." "I'm not proud, but I try to have confidence on the mound."

"I've never won a title before, but I think the reason why I'm considered a good pitcher is because I'm constantly showing good performance. It means a lot to me to play well in rotation every year and achieve double-digit wins. My goal is to play starting rotation without injury this season as well," he said.
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Tuesday, March 12, 2024
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