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I'm thinking of preparing to throw another secret weapon."

LG's Lee Jung-yong has said he has been preparing a "secret weapon" whenever he has a chance for the past three years, and that he will pitch using a new pitch. However, he rarely showed this secret weapon in practice. There was a pattern of dealing with batters with fastball pitches and sliders. In the 2022 camp, he said, "I'm preparing something, but I'm not in the stage to reveal it yet," and at this time, Lee Jung-yong said that the mention of the secret weapon itself was a kind of strategy. Even if I don't actually throw it, wouldn't someone be conscious?"

After that time, Lee Jung-yong now has a real secret weapon. As the forkball and curve, which were intensively prepared using the All-Star break, became familiar, four pitches were freely used. In particular, the proportion of forkballs has risen to the extent that they are similar to fastballs. Now, Lee Jung-yong's "second pitch" is a forkball, not a slider.

It is easy to escape the crisis because it is a pitching type that can make strikeouts through a swing. In the match against Hanwha in Jamsil on the 1st, Lee Jung-yong avoided the crisis with a forkball and recorded five hits, one walk, five strikeouts and no runs in six innings. The forkball was the decisive ball that struck out Jang Jin-hyuk with two outs and runners on first and second base in the fourth inning and struck out Kim Tae-yeon with one out in the sixth inning.

Including the game, Lee Jung-yong has three wins and no losses in the past four games, two runs in 23 innings, and a 0.78 ERA. Since August, only kt William Cuevas (0.50) has thrown more than 20 innings and has a lower ERA than Lee Jung-yong. If kt raised its ranking to second place with the Cuevas effect, it can be said that LG has taken the lead in the first place with the Lee Jung-yong effect.

After the match on the 1st, I could hear more about the background of learning the new pitch from Lee Jung-yong. Lee Jung-yong said, "The curve was recommended by coach Kim Kwang-sam, and I realized (the trick) while playing catch ball with (Lim) Chan-kyu during the All-Star break. "I asked (Kim) Jin-sung about the forkball, but it's hard to say that I learned it in such detail," he said. "I threw it when I was an amateur." So I think I'm trying to be more comfortable. "I don't think it was this good, but I think it's because I want to do well (it works out)."

When asked if the "secret weapon" that has been said for two years was a forkball, he said, "That's right. It's called Dragon's Claw…Oh, this can't go out..."I replied awkwardly.

"I don't think it's convenient to run the game because there's a forkball. I just tried to throw it as aggressively as possible, and the pitcher cares more about the fastball than the forkball because he thinks the fastball is the first. Of course, it is comfortable to have a pitch that can strike out, but I think (Park) Dong-won's effect is greater. "My breathing is good and I'm talking a lot, so I think I'll get better and better," he said.

He has won three consecutive games in the past four games and has three quality starts. Do you think he's fully established as a starter.

"I didn't know I was making such a good record. I always win on the day I go out (Lee Jung-yong's starting team has 7 wins and 1 loss), so I wanted to give that energy today, too."

- The break was prolonged as the mound was canceled due to rain. It might have been hard to take care of your condition.

"In the process of preparing for that period, I could have worried about the difficulties, but I tried to think more positively than worry. I did live pitching once and continued exercising for the rest of the year. He consistently threw the ball and there was no difficulty in preparing."

- He may have lost his sense because it was his first appearance in 16 days, but how was it when he threw it.

"It's not that I didn't think about it, but I thought the first inning was important. It worked out better than I thought."

"I think it was difficult to control the ball because it's been a while since I threw it."

- With Adam Plutko out for a long time, I think the rest of the starters will have to do better.

"Honestly, I have that feeling. On the day I throw, I just want to give you a really good energy."

"When I go up, I want to spread the idea that 'I'll win if Jung-yong throws it.' So I try to do my best even if I can't throw."

- There was a crisis with runners on first and second base with no outs in the sixth inning 4-0. I dealt with Chae Eun Sung there.

"Actually, Eun-sung sent a message before the game. He replied, "Let's play a great game," and also had a wise saying time (Lee Jung-yong and Chae Eun-sung prepared wise saying for each other when they were LG colleagues) for the first time in a long time. It was fun to type with Eunsung. However, he put too much energy into his brother in front of him and gave the next batter a walk. In the sixth inning crisis, he threw a pitch, and a big hit came out. I don't think I won."

- There was a difficult time in the beginning, but recently it has become a completely different trend.

"That's how it happened. I hope this good energy continues to the end. It's time for me to go to the real army, so I really want to end it well."

- Do you want to wear the winning ring.

"That would be perfect."

- His ERA dropped to 4.02. Do you have any goals for a 3-point record.

"It was in the six-point range (July 27th, 6.27)."I try not to care. Don't you think it'll go up again if you care. So I only think inside, and I just try to convey good energy."
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Friday, March 8, 2024
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