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$500,000 in excessive information-searching freedom fees.

According to union members, overwhelming charges aim to limit access to requested information as costs exceed appropriate limits. The union has submitted a Freedom of Information request to comply with BCL's anti-money laundering casino-related measures, as it is recoverable.

British Columbia's casino industry has been severely criticized by the media over the past few months. The topic of money laundering in Canada is now hotter than the sun itself. BCLC is once again at the center of serious controversy after Canada's Unite Here learned that BCLC was charging huge FOI fees. Unions representing casino workers in Canada and North America have asked for freedom of information to obtain documents related to the British Columbia casino scandal.

According to reliable sources, the union asked the BCLC to release records , and the B.C.'s Freedom of Information Act allows public access to information held by government agencies, requiring the government to disclose requested information if it is not subject to specifically.

Excessive fees to block requests for freedom of information
The cost that Unity Here should have paid for the request was estimated at $504,510. Unity Here's request includes more than 16,500 hours of document search, meaning the union has to pay $30 an hour. Postmedia reports that Unity Here's Mark Hollin has requested BCLall documents on compliance with anti-money laundering regulations from Great Canada Gaming Corporation, including River Rock Casino, Nano Rockings and Hastings Casino.

A BCLC response says the union must pay an initial down payment of $252,240 to move the wheels. Holin told post-media reporters that the BCLC's response shocked him. I think BCLC's $504,510 price tag exceeds some limit, and that's why the company aims to block union FOI requests. Hollin explained that people have the right to provide as much information as possible.

It is interesting to note that in November last year, River Rock Casino took legal action to prevent the disclosure of more information related to alleged money laundering at BC Casino.
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Friday, March 8, 2024
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