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10 clubs watched the potential of 30

Jeong was the best team in the league last season. From the start of the regular season, he kept the top spot in the end and had his best season, winning the EASL and the championship game. However, Jeong Kwan-jang's move this off-season was somewhat disappointing. Major players left the team in large numbers. The rookie draft order was also not high at No. 10.

Jeong Kwan-jang, who ranked 10th, chose Na Sung-ho (188 cm, F) of Dankook University. Na Sung-ho was active in offense and defense with 14.5 points, 5.21 rebounds, 1.43 assists, 1.79 steals, and 0.57 blocks in 14 college league games. The three-point success rate, which was sluggish at 27% in the 2022 season, also rose to 37%. 37% is third in the league. He is a player who can add energy to the team in offense and defense.

Na Sung-ho, who joined Jeonggwanjang, said, "I actually didn't think it would be picked this quickly. (laughs) So I was more happy and surprised. I am very grateful to the club and the manager for looking good at me," he said honestly.

In fact, Na Sung-ho was expected to be in the second round just before the draft. However, Jeong Kwan-jang praised Na Sung-ho's determination. Na Seong-ho also said, "There are many shortcomings. But I want to repay you as much as the team saw me well. I want to do it with spirit like a rookie. And I want to be a player who plays one step more than others," he said.

Jeong Kwan-jang suffered a drop in performance due to the departure of the main players in the off-season. However, Na Sung-ho said, "Director Jeong was the best team last season. Good players have left, but I think it's still a good team. All the players touch the ball and play organic basketball. I want to quickly blend into the team by matching with all the players, not just one player," he said.

As mentioned earlier, Na Sung-ho's strengths are defense and determination. Na Sung-ho also said, "I want to be remembered as a fighting player by the fans. That's my goal. I want to play as much as I did at Dankook University and devote myself to the team," he said.

In the 2023 KBL Rookie Draft, all Dankook University players succeeded in finding jobs. In response, Na Sung-ho said, "(Lee)Duho is sick, but he will come back on the court quickly. I said to Duho, "See you on the court again." (Lee)Kyung-do went to SK. SK is our opening opponent. I want to see him on the court with Kyung-do from the opening game," he said, looking forward to meeting with Dankook University players.
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Friday, March 8, 2024
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