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'Spring Volleyball' is a glimmer of hope 5 points behind 3rd place OK

Hyundai Capital beat KB Insurance, the lowest ranked player in the league

Men's Volleyball Hyundai Capital captured KB Insurance, the lowest in the league, and revived a glimmer of hope for spring volleyball.

Hyundai Capital won a complete victory over KB Insurance with a set score of 3-0 (25-14 25-22 25-19) in the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League men's visiting match held at Uijeongbu Gymnasium on the 5th.

They were overwhelming in blocking with 9-3, and the team attack success rate was 59.21%, which was much higher than KB Insurance, which only recorded 41.02%.

Hyundai Capital's main gun, Ahmed Ikhbairi (registered name: Ahmed), led the attack with 16 points, including 3 blocking points, while Heo Soo-bong (13 points) and Jeon Gwang-in (11 points) also contributed with double-digit scores.

Yeo Oh-hyun of Hyundai Capital, the oldest professional volleyball player at 45 years old this year, set a record of 8,000 accurate receptions for the first time in her career.

Hyundai Capital, which dismissed coach Choi Tae-woong midway through this season and is handling the remaining schedule with Jin Sun-ki as acting manager, will be led by French master Philippe Blanc starting next season.

Hyundai Capital, which had been on a winning streak immediately after the launch of Jin Soon-gi's agency system, fell into a losing streak again and fell to 6th place, gained 47 points (15 wins, 18 losses) with today's victory.

Blocking by Hyundai Capital players

They have the same points as 5th place KEPCO (16 wins, 17 losses), but they are behind in the number of games won and are in 6th place.

The gap with 3rd place OK Financial Group (18 wins, 15 losses, 52 points), which is within the range of spring volleyball, has been reduced to 5 points.

With only 3 games remaining until the end of the regular season, Hyundai Capital can dramatically advance to spring volleyball if it regains 3rd place or maintains 4th place with a point gap of less than 3 from 3rd place, which is the condition for making the semi-playoffs.

Hyundai Capital, who gave up only 14 points to their opponent in the first set and easily took the lead, tied the game at 22-22 in the second set, created a set point with Jeon Gwang-in's quick open and Cha Young-seok's blocking, and then made the set score 2-0 with Ahmed's rear attack. made.

KB Insurance, which had already confirmed its lowest place in the season, brought in a new player from the 3rd set, and Hyundai Capital easily settled the set at 25-19 and earned 3 valuable points.
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Thursday, March 7, 2024
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