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Oh Ji-young, alleged bullying of juniors

Oh Ji-young (36), a professional volleyball player who was suspended for one year for bullying his juniors, immediately announced a court lawsuit without requesting a retrial from the Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO).

Oh Ji-young's legal representative said on the 5th, "We judged that there was no point in Oh Ji-young's request for a retrial to KOVO," adding, "We are considering filing a lawsuit immediately without filing a retrial." Oh Ji-young was suspended by the KOVO Reward and Punishment Committee for one year on the 27th of last month.

The KOVO reward and punishment committee said, "Oh Ji-young was found to have bullied a junior at Pepper Savings Bank since June last year, and two juniors left the team," adding, "We have confirmed through various evidences that Oh Ji-young's human rights violations, including bullying and abusive language." In response, Pepper Savings Bank terminated its contract with Oh Ji-young.

However, Oh has refuted the claim, saying it was aimed at disciplining younger players. He has recently disclosed messages he shared with players concerned, complaining of unfairness. Although he is reportedly considering retirement, he has strong commitment to erase the allegation that he bullied his juniors.

Oh Ji-young refuted, saying, "I only cautioned the junior players to blame them, but there was no fact that they were bullied or blamed without a legitimate purpose or reason." "If such an act becomes an object that should be criticized socially and legally, the concept of seniority, seniority, and seniority in the workplace will no longer exist in Korean society," he said.

He also said, "I intend to calmly and carefully follow the process of revealing the injustice regardless of whether Oh Ji-young retires or not, with future retrial procedures and litigation procedures in mind."

The deadline for filing a retrial against KOVO is up to eight days. However, Oh plans to file a lawsuit to confirm the suspension of disciplinary action and invalidation of contract through legal action instead of filing a retrial request.
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