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"Last place in the salary cap."

Professional basketball Korea Gas Corporation is a team whose evaluation has completely changed in the 2023-2024 season. Before the season, it was classified as the lowest. Including Kim Nak-hyun, who was discharged from the military during the season, the salary cap burnout rate was the lowest at 69.2%. Professional basketball salary caps cost 2.6 billion won, of which only 1.93 billion won was spent. Investment does not lead to performance, but Korea Gas Corporation's record was too disappointing.

There was also a chaotic situation. The appointment of a new head coach was delayed due to conflicts with Yoo Do-hoon, who had been with him since the foundation of the team in 2021. Due to such reasons, the team could not be strengthened properly and the team started the season under acting coach Kang Hyuk. Furthermore, foreign player Isaiah Hicks left the team even before the opening game due to a ruptured Achilles tendon. As the team lost 10 consecutive games in the early days of the season, anxiety became a reality.

However, as Kang's system became more established, he made a reversal. Known as a bright player while playing soccer, he began his leadership career in 2013. After serving at Samil High School and LG, he coached Electronic Land, the predecessor of Korea Gas Corporation. Kang maximized the players' potential through careful guidance. After being discharged from the military, Kim Nak-hyun was away more time due to injury, but other players filled the void. The foreign players' team consisting of Andrew Nicholson and Duvan Maxwell showed strong relationship.

The team that was at the bottom of the standings has risen to the seventh place in no time. It had seven wins and two losses in the month of January, showing an upward trajectory. Though it is difficult to advance to the playoffs, the team has become a team that the rival team cannot easily overcome. Korea Gas Corporation appointed acting manager Kang as its official coach on April 26 in return for his unexpected performance. Players' spirit is soaring. "I was confused because it was my first time in the early part of the season. There were some games where things went wrong that I felt sorry for the players. I was also embarrassed because I could see some things that were lacking in preparation," Kang recalled.

Among them, the players did a good job. Actually, there are still many things that I feel embarrassed and miss. There were times when I missed a game that I could win because of me," he said.

Now that he is appointed as an official head coach, he will be able to create a rosy future. "We will maintain the current system and build a strong team. I hope that we can find players who can help even if players suffer from injuries," Kang said. "We have weak rebounds. In the new season, we plan to nurture rookie Shin Joo-young in earnest. Originally, the team was planning to use the team from the fourth round this season, but the plan went wrong due to injury," Kang said. "We can become a key player next season."

"Since you became an official coach, I think it will be time to create your own system," Kim Nak-hyun said. "It is good to advance to the playoffs, but I hope it will be time to lay the groundwork for better performance next season."
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Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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