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It lost its first game

Eastern Conference February Player of the Year
Tatum became the first player of the season and the fourth career monthly player. Picked for the first time in the 2019-2020 season, he has been consistently listed except for the last 2020-2021 season. He became February's player for the first time since 2020. Despite Boston's somewhat disadvantageous performance in building records, he was picked again this season.

His team Boston lost only one game in the 12 games it played in February. It lost its first game in February, but it has won 11 games in a row since then. It has won 11 consecutive games in recent memory, and it has not lost for a month at this point in time, sending off a vicious streak. Surprisingly, it has won three games by more than 40 points, and it has overpowered opponents by more than 50 points in two of them.

During the period, Tatum played in all 12 games. He played 35.2 minutes per game, recording 27.6 points (.496.389.908) 8.3 rebounds, and one steal. Despite many attempts to attack, he boasts a field goal success rate of nearly 50 percent and a three-point shot success rate comparable to that of 40 percent. He made an average of 3.5 3-pointers a month, and based on those, he scored more than 30 points in four games.

He wasn't the only one responsible for the offense. In February alone, he reported four double-doubles. In the last half of the first half, he recorded 20-10 in three consecutive games, paving the way for his team to win consecutive games. In an away game against the Brooklyn Nets on the 14th (Korea time), he scored 41 points, the most in a month, and grabbed the second-highest number of 14 rebounds this season.

# Tatum's Major February Games
05 days vs. 34 points (.545.500 1.000) 8 rebounds 7 assists 6 3-point shots
10th vs Washington 35 points (.545.300.889) 10 rebounds 8 assists 3 3-point shots
14th vs. Brooklyn 41 points (.538.4551.000) 14 rebounds 5 assists 5 3-point shots

Western Conference February Player of the Year
Doncic also became the first player of the month this season and the fourth in his career. Although he failed to connect with the division despite having a unique personal record over the past two months, he was named the best player of the month this month along with a rebound in his team's performance. Picked at different times over the past three times, he was picked in February in two years since February 2022.

His team had a good performance of eight wins and five losses in the 13 games it played in February. It had a seven-game winning streak, the most in a club this season. It beat its opponents by double digits in seven games during the period, confirming its victory by a comfortable margin. However, it failed to sustain its upward trend as it had one win and four losses in the five games it played at the end of the month.

Doncic played in all the games during the month. He played for an average of 37.4 minutes, scoring 34 points (.520.394.796) and scoring 10.3 assists and 1.6 steals. He showed off his outstanding scoring ability by scoring 35 or more points in seven games. He posted more than 30 points on average per month, but also set a triple-double-class record. He posted double-doubles in nine games, and triple-doubles in four of them.

He has made 13 triple-doubles this season, and achieved 1/4 of them in February alone. Moreover, his recent performance has been even more outstanding. Although his team's defeat faded, he drew triple-doubles in consecutive games for the second time since the beginning of this season, as well as triple-doubles in the first three consecutive games of this season, clearly showing what kind of player he is.

# Doncic's Major Games in February
29th vs Raptors 30 points (.478.125.778) 11 rebounds 16 assists 2 steals
02 days vs Celtics 37 points (.560.333.750) 12 rebounds 11 assists 3 3-point shots
04th vs Sixers 38 points (.519.4001.000) 11 rebounds 10 assists 4 3-point shots
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