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The top spot for the first time in eight years

Among them, there are players who are just 20 years old in their first year of professional baseball and rookies who will advance to the professional stage from next year, which is expected to be able to gauge their next season.

Team Korea will hold an opening ceremony at 6 p.m. on Saturday and play its first match against Taiwan, its home team, from 7 p.m. on Saturday. The team will then play a preliminary round against Hong Kong on Saturday and against Palestine on Sunday. In fact, the opening match can be said to be the final match of Group A to rank No. 1.

In addition to NC coach Son Yong-seok, Inha University coach Jung Won-bae and Dankook University coach Kim Yoo-jin were appointed as coaching staff to assist coach Chung In-myung. Jung Won-bae/Kim Yoo-jin is expected to complement the empirical aspects of Chung In-myung's appointment.

Among the players, it is necessary to pay attention to Na Seung-yeop (Lotte), who was discharged from Sangmu, and Kim Bum-seok (LG), who can be both catchers and infielders. In addition, Ryu Hyun-gon (SSG), who was the runner-up in the Golden Lion era when Doosan's left-handed ace Lee Byung-hun and Cheongdam High School, will also try to improve his skills through the upcoming event. It is also notable that catcher Shin Yong-seok (NC), who has good long-range shots, has become the first player to wear the national flag.

Infielder Yoo Tae-woong, who appeared through JTBC's strongest baseball, was rarely selected for the national team among junior college students, and promising players such as Kang Dong-hoon and Chung Hyeon-soo, who were called in the draft, also joined the national team. In particular, it is worth noting that Yonsei University pitcher Kang Min-gu was the only freshman to wear the Taegeuk mark.

The Asian Baseball Championship was originally held as a preliminary round for the U-23 Baseball World Cup or the Olympics. Since there are no baseball events at the Paris Olympics next year, it is expected to take the form of a prelude to the U-23 Baseball World Cup.
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Sunday, March 3, 2024
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