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Crown Agency's PROLINE brand is the only retail and online sports betting operator to reinvest all proceeds in the province. This method provides a way to support gambling entertainment and local industries. Through this brand, Crown is the only regulatory provider to offer direct and online sports betting to the province.

With the new PROLINE products on the ground, betting companies will be able to bet on single-game bets with high demand. In addition, they also have new sports, events, and options to bet on the market. There are system bets, new bets and same-day payments up to CA$1000, as well as new dynamic and competitive possibilities.

OLG also confirmed that, as always, you don't need a subscription account to play in-store. Betters must also be 18 years old to play in retail stores. They can first set up their bets through the new PROLINE BET Builder app and end the transaction by showing the bar code generated by the app to retailers. Retailers can also make bets using a selection slip.

OLG Chairman and CEO Duncan Hannay said the launch is a big day for sports betting fans in Ontario. According to him, Crown Agency is allowing customers a new and exciting sports betting experience to legally bet on a single event, such as the Super Bowl, for the first time. He says lottery retail partners can now make bets in a safe place.

Kerstin Rack, OLG's chief lottery officer and customer officer, said Crown was pleased to launch the brand in nearly 10,000 stores in Ontario. It can be found in convenience stores, gas, grocery stores, and pharmacies. According to his opinion, the new service will provide customers with exciting new experiences and support the royal frontline partners.

an official release
OLG officially launched PROLINE+ on August 27, 2021, the day single event betting was legalized by the federal government. Therefore, the new platform became the first online regulatory sports book to offer bets on individual sports events in the province. The new digital company enjoyed many bets because Canadians were able to make such bets for the first time.

Nearly a month later, OLG released a survey of more than 1,000 ontarians on single event betting and PROLINE+. According to the survey, more than half said they prefer betting on the platform to offshore betting sites. The study also found that a quarter of people who enjoy sports and half of those who play often admit that they bet more money in unprecedented situations than before.
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Sunday, March 3, 2024
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