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Black Talent Initiative to improve black representation

Organizations' volunteers and partners are committed to creating connectivity and career opportunities for their communities through networks, resources, and business partners.

Tyjondah Kerr, director of Equity, Diversity, and Include at Crown Corporation, said the company was proud to be part of the Black Talent Initiative. The agency hopes to help and support the organization's goal of proving career-enhancing black talent through professional development, mentoring, and communities that enable job opportunities and inspire equitable, anti-racism jobs.

Kerr also said OLG celebrates the difference and its unique perspective, background and direction, which makes the crown company a huge workplace. According to her, working with BTI will allow Crown to work harder to create an environment where OLG's current and future employees can excel.

Recent partnerships allow OLG to publish job opportunities on the organization's network. This creates a pipeline for OLG leaders to provide mentoring and networking opportunities to BTI to members of the organization. In addition, Crown and BTI will strive to develop learning opportunities that benefit both sides of this symbiotic relationship.

Mark Harrison, founder of the Black Talent Initiative, said in Ontario's history that only a few organizations can match the level of commitment and contribution OLG has provided to the community. In his opinion, the focus of the Crown Agency is to secure better economic benefits for locals, which is perfectly in line with BTI's goals.

one of the employers
Last month, OLG announced it was on Forbes' list of Canada's top employers for 2022 for the first time in its history. This category applies to companies with more than 500 employees and is voted on by independent surveys of more than 10,000 employees. The rating consists of direct and direct recommendations that ask employees if they are willing to recommend their employers to others.

reinvesting in the countryside
Gaming activities allow Crown Corporation to support many Ontario communities and municipalities hosting casino properties. Also, in January, Crown Corporation began issuing its third-quarter revenue share to the community. For example, the city of Windsor is one of the communities that received a total of CA$2,158,545 from October 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021.
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