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'Becoming team'

Korean Air, the men's team of the V-League, has satisfied all conditions for its first four consecutive wins. Outside heater (left) Jeong Ji-seok (29) and middle blocker (center) Kim Min-jae (21), who left the team early in the season due to injury, have finally achieved their full capacity.

Korean Air secured a complete 3-0 set-score victory against KEPCO in the sixth round of the "Dodram 2023-2024 V-League" held at Gyeyang Gymnasium in Incheon on Sunday. Korean Air, which has won seven consecutive games, has maintained its lead position with 64 points and 21 wins and 11 losses.

With only four games left until the end of the regular league, seven consecutive wins are significant. For Korean Air, which is aiming to win the championship game beyond the regular league, the pace at the end of the season is important, but it is currently holding both performance and results, giving a green light to its first four consecutive losses.

It is impressive that Jung Ji-seok and Kim Min-jae recovered their conditions during the process of winning seven consecutive games, and the depth became thicker. Korean Air coach Tommy Tilikainen (37, Finland) emphasized throughout the season that "all players, not specific players, should be heroes," and Korean Air's depth was enough to fulfill the will of the head coach.

The strength of the team was effective throughout the season. While Jeong was out due to injury, Jeong Han-yong (23) was active in the first and second rounds (181 points; attack success rate of 54.13 percent), and as Jeong faltered in the third round, Especo (27) of the Philippines was reborn as the main player. Especo, who took the main role in the third and fourth rounds (78 points; 51.69%), gave time for Jung to regain his physical condition. Cho Jae-young (34) also played his part in the attack success rate of 56.36 percent and 0.448 blockings per set, filling in for Kim Min-jae's absence.

As Jung Ji-seok and Kim Min-jae regained their senses, Korean Air became a scarcer team. While having seven consecutive wins, the team swept all 20 points. During this period, Jung Ji-seok had a 47.32 percent attack success rate and 54.16 percent receiving efficiency, living up to his name. Kim Min-jae also contributed by 10 blocks and 21 effective blocks.

The problem of depth due to the burden of physical strength at the end of the season does not apply to Korean Air. It is truly a sample of a "becoming team."
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Thursday, February 29, 2024
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