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Officially Announces Termination of Joe Tringe's Contract

Pepper Savings Bank officially announced the termination of its contract with coach Joe Trinzee.

Pepper Savings Bank said in a statement on Friday that it had terminated the contract under mutual agreement with coach Joe Trinzie. It was a decision made to renew the team's sluggish atmosphere and make preparations for next season."

Analysts say that Pepper has held the team responsible for its loss of 23 consecutive seasons as the team has suffered a sharp decline since the beginning of this season's good start. Another reason behind this was the judgment that it would not be easy for Pepper Savings Bank to take a leap forward next season under coach Joe Trinzie. With the replacement of Pepper Savings Bank based on a comprehensive judgment, Pepper Savings Bank is set to begin preparing for the new season. Lee Kyung-soo, the senior coach, will lead the team as acting coach for the rest of this season.

Pepper Savings Bank has already begun the process of appointing the next coach. It is showing its commitment to establishing a process for selecting foreign players and Asian quarter players and strategically building team power by selecting the right candidates.
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Thursday, February 29, 2024
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