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Australian states have already revised their legal frameworks

Australia's latest state to introduce a crackdown on Gibraltar-based operator Lotte Land is New South Wales (NSW), where Deputy Prime Minister John Barilaro explained it was to protect players' interests and prevent money from leaking, which means the Australian government can only pay taxes in certain gambling countries.

In addition, Lotto Land operates like an online bookmaker and bets on certain lotto numbers being drawn. In other words, you bet on the lottery result, not the lottery. These lotteries are called "synthetic lotteries" and the state will impose legislative restrictions on them. In response to the latest news, Racing Minister Paul Tool said lawmakers are now looking for the most appropriate way to limit synthetic lotteries like Lotte Land.

the reason for growing public dissatisfaction
Lotto Land angered state officials by not paying taxes to all Australian states it operates except Northern Territory (NT), and was accused of stealing customers of traditional state-owned lottery tickets, which also contributed to the tense atmosphere. Nevertheless, Lotto Land announced that the Australian states did not announce that they did not have a special regulatory framework for illegal lottery operators or that they were not making legal arrangements.

Local lotteries, on the other hand, contribute greatly to the state economy. Any damage to operations will also lead to a sharp drop in revenue paid to the state. The huge discontent inspired lottery operators and lottery sellers to join forces to launch a campaign called "We Must Go to Rotorland!"
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Thursday, February 29, 2024
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