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"Let's play touching baseball for Bears fans."

Doosan Group Chairman Park Jung-won, owner of Doosan Bears in professional baseball, visited Hisamine Baseball Stadium in Miyazaki, Japan on the 28th. While Doosan has been in the process of its second spring camp since the 21st, it delivered a message of support to the players who are sweating hard for the 2024 season.

Owner Park Jung-won visited Hisamine Baseball Stadium near the end of the afternoon training in line with his usual philosophy that players should not interfere with their training. I watched the team's program including batting training of fielders in a quiet atmosphere.

Team owner Park Jung-won shook hands with coaching staff and the team after the team's official training schedule, expressing his support. Captain Yang Seok-hwan received the encouragement money that Park Jung-won prepared as the team's representative.

"Seeing the team's training in person gives me a good feeling for this season. Please finish the training without any injuries and play Bears-like baseball this season," team owner Park Jung-won said. "I hope you will impress the fans."

Park Jung-won is famous for his great affection for Doosan Bears and baseball, consistently visiting Jamsil Baseball Stadium during the season. Park Jung-won, the owner of the team, has been striving to provide the best environment by visiting Doosan Bears' off-season training sites every year, except during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I would like to thank the owner of the team who visited Australia every year and Miyazaki every year. The owner shows such affection for the team, which is a great help to boost the morale of the team," said Lee Seung-yeop.

Team owner Park Jung-won, who arrived in Japan on the 28th, will watch and support the Chiba Lotte Marines in the old season league on the 29th.

Doosan held its first spring camp in Sydney's Blacktown from Feb. 31 to Feb. 18. A total of 56 players, including 14 coaching staff, 21 pitchers, four catchers, 10 infielders and seven outfielders, were sweating profusely under coach Lee Seung-yeop, who is in his second year in office.

Doosan has moved to Miyazaki, Japan since last Monday. The second spring camp is being held mainly in actual practice games. Players are checking their performance through intensive training at the first spring camp in Australia.

Doosan had a 4-4 draw with the Seibu Lions in the old season league held at San Marin Stadium in Miyazaki, Japan on Sunday. Ramos showed good condition by making one hit, one RBI, one walk and multi-base hit from three times at bat. Kang Seung-ho, who had two hits, one RBI and one run from three times at bat, bothered Seibu mound.

Park Joon-young displayed his unique slugging capability with one hit and two RBIs. Kim Dae-han, a promising outfielder who is now in his fifth year as a pro, also produced hits and confirmed the results of his spring camp training.

Doosan's pitchers displayed overall performance. Kim Min-kyu (one hit, two strikeouts and no run in one inning), Kim Ho-joon (two strikeouts and no run in one inning), Choi Joon-ho (one strikeout and no run in one inning), Baek Seung-woo (two strikeouts and one run in one inning), Choi Jong-in (one hit, one strikeout and no run in one inning), Park Jeong-soo (one strikeout and no run in one inning), and Kim Taek-yeon (one hit, two strikeouts and no run in one inning) have effectively blocked Seibu's batters.

Meanwhile, Doosan will play against Chiba Lotte Marines in the old season league on the 29th and play against the Softbank Hawks in the first division on March 3. It will visit the Fukuoka PayPay Dome, Softbank's home stadium, and play a match between prestigious clubs representing Korea and Japan.

The Pay Dome game against Softbank will be played in the same environment as official games, with paid spectators entering. The Pay Dome can accommodate 40,000 spectators. About 33,000 baseball fans are expected to enter on the day of the game between Doosan and Softbank.

Doosan Bears sold a three-night, four-day tour of Fukuoka for fans in the Paycheck Dome game against Softbank. The fans' response was so hot that all tickets were sold out on the day of the sale. The special match tour includes round-trip tickets and Seahawk hotel accommodation tickets, as well as post-match PayPay Dome ground experience, commemorative photos with the team, and Doosan Bears goods.
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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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