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2023-2024 KBL All-Star Uniform Auction Results Revealed

KBL announced the results of its 2023-2024 professional basketball All-Star uniform auction, which took place from Feb. 19 to Feb. 26. LG Lee Kwan-hee's uniform was sold for 2.4 million won, the highest price for two consecutive years.

In the All-Star player uniform auction, which was held with a total of 23 player's autographed uniforms, a total of 11.63 million won was made, including the unpaid deposit. Following Lee Kwan-hee's uniform, KCC Huh Woong's uniform and Sono's Lee Jung-hyun's uniform were sold for 2.25 million won and 972,000 won, respectively, ranking second and third in the highest price.

The total proceeds from the auction and the highest bid price are up from the previous season's All-Star uniform auction. Last season, the KBL held an All-Star uniform auction, earning a total of W10.838 million, while Lee's uniform was W1.988 million, the highest bid price.

The proceeds from the All-Star player's uniform auction will be used to fund the development of basketball youth.
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Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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