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"Vietnam Express"

The third meeting of the Korea Football Association's power reinforcement committee was held at the soccer center in central Seoul on Monday afternoon. The committee appointed Hwang Sun-hong, the Olympic team's coach, as its interim coach. Hwang will make his debut as the A team's coach in the second qualifying match of the World Cup with Thailand.

"It is not right to appoint an incumbent K-League coach for two A-match games," said Jeong Hae-sung, chairman of the Korea Power Enhancement Committee. Foreign leaders are not right. Hwang Sun-hong was the top priority. He made an offer to Hwang during the daytime on Saturday and accepted the offer yesterday."

As it was revealed that Park Hang-seo was the final candidate for the interim coach of the Korean national team, the Vietnamese media also paid keen attention to the decision of the Korea Football Association. There were also many media reports that Park's appointment is highly likely. There was also a strong public opinion in Vietnam that Park, who exerted absolute influence in the Vietnamese soccer, would take the helm of the Korean national team. As a result, it failed to come true.

Vietnamese media outlets including Vietnam Express broke news on the appointment of Hwang Sun-hong. The media outlet said, "The Korea Football Association has announced the appointment of Hwang Sun-hong. There were reports in the Korean media that Park Hang-seo was the No. 1 candidate, but the KFA's choice was Hwang Sun-hong. Hwang is a star striker for the Korean national team and scored 50 goals in 103 A-match games. As the Olympic team leader, he won a gold medal at the Asian Games last year."

Earlier, the "Vietnam Express" reported, "Coach Park Hang-seo is being mentioned as the final candidate for interim coach to replace Klinsmann. Coach Park made a condition that he would form the coaching staff he wanted and take only temporary positions. He strongly reported the possibility of appointing coach Park Hang-seo, saying, "Korean soccer is ready to sacrifice to overcome difficulties."
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Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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