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Don’t confuse praise with sarcasm

There is a saying that golfers who have not developed their own style of golf often hear it at golf courses. They responded, "I like your form," "You're so powerful," "You have good direction," and "I won't miss the fairway."

Golfers who can't play their own games often don't understand the true meaning of this word. It is a case of mistaken judgment that the swing is good, the power is great, and the direction is good at face value.

Here, "his style of golf" is not perfect, but it refers to a golfer who understands the principles of golf, knows how to enjoy golf in his own way, and has reached a certain level to produce acceptable scores. Golfers who do not know how to play their type of golf may be exposed to golf for a short period of time or lack familiarity with golf, but even those with a lot of golf experience may not understand the original meaning of what their companions say.

If you look at the situation where your companions say this, you can guess that there is a comforting meaning behind the shot that did not go as planned. "Good form" means that the ball does not fly properly, but the swing form is okay, and "Good power" is another expression of the saying that the power is good, but the ball flies freely.

Comments such as "good direction" and "high fairway landing rate" also offer comfort for the short distance and sarcastic comments such as "it's that short, so no matter how much you hit, you won't have to worry about getting out of OB or fairway." Hide.

If you are not a fool, you may not understand this, but I was able to understand the truth through the story of my companion more than 15 years ago. The companion was in his late 50s and hit the tee shot well from the first hole. The group shouted "Good shot!" as if they had promised. He achieved full swing that was not appropriate for his age, and reproduced swing arcs as he learned in textbooks.

As he walked toward the fairway, he opened his mouth. "I've been told countless times that I've got a great figure, but I thought I had a really great figure. It wasn't until 15 years later that I realized that was not the case."

At the same time, he confessed that he realized how messed up his swing form, which others said was good, was after being examined by a lesson pro. My score did not increase at all, so I was thinking of getting a diagnosis from an expert. A former player-turned-lesson teacher was assigned to a local practice range and began receiving correction a couple of months ago.

The lesson pro emphasized the restructuring of the swing from the first day, saying, 'There is nothing wrong.' After hearing the lesson pro's explanation and realizing how messy the swing was, he had no choice but to ask the lesson pro to rebuild the swing.
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Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Monday, February 26, 2024
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